I blame DK discord community for BDK disaster (Taeznak)

At start of Df PTR blizzard was considering giving us the SL tierset with a little changes which could be fixed by some tuning but some people Like ( TAEZNAK ) cried so loud about BDk playstyle is so bad with DRW extend and asked for removing it from our talent tree well guess what blizzard listened and they redesigned the whole Bdk talent tree again which you have it now
TAeznak was defending blizzard decision for removing DK DRW extend calling it bad design and when I argued that without DRW we will be paper in fortified weeks in M+ and our dmg will be bad he argued that Bdk was op in legion without it and we will be fine and when I continued my arguement about it that the legion meta was kite meta and now its alot different they finaly kicked me out of Discord community.
now its been a year from that day or more and lets see the situation of Bdk in M+ we are by far the worst tank in DMG and HIGH fortie keys without DRW uptime we cant survive high keys and our dmg will be so low and I can guess if you go there and ask Taeznak about it he will tell you its cuz of blizzard bad tuning he always have some excuses.
now i have to sit all day long in LFG so i may get lucky and get a single invite for a 24+keys while waiting 10+ hour cuz my class brings nothing compare to other tanks and someone like Taeznak not even playing Bdk and blizzard listen to his garbage statements.


Why dont you play your own key?

its not about your own keys or others the problem is no one wants to play with you if your class is litteral trash with lowest dmg even after 8% and 6.5% dmg buff since the whole class is trash for keys now compare to other tanks its doing lowest dmg no utility no dispel or anything to give
it doesnt matter how much they buff our dmg by any more % unless they buff some stuffs above 100% or more like bloodboil or heartstrike dmg nothing will change the only fix now is to rework the whole bdk talent and not listening to some certain people like i mentioned before .

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i dont know about the dk discord drama but if anyone think he/she can compare legion m+ tank meta with now M+ tank meta he is so clueless the fact that bdk without DRW extend cant survive or do dmg is very true also one thing people cant understand is it made a big difference between a good Bdk and a bad one
comparing BDk with any other tank rn is just a meme the only tank that rn competing with it in bieng trash is prot warrior the only way to fix bdk is to rework the whole system of how it heals and survive itself and make it new or bring back its DRW extend again
also it needs to bring something atleast even DH have 5% Magic buff and 10sec aoe silence which is huge if we bring druid or paladin they have 10time or even more than Bdk it really needs some help

Dont hate powertripping nobodies to much, the fact of the matter is that Blizz has not put much effort in DK design ever since legion, the one singular dev designing all classes has favorites, thats a fact, and i highly doubt a literal discord moderator have any power over an even bigger ego in blizz HQ

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