I can finally ride the love rocket!


After years of trying I finally got the love rocket. Now I can feel the pleasure of riding it!


Good luck all and don’t give up!


And, how does it feel :sweat_smile: ?

Anyways, congrats :slight_smile: I’ll take the good luck and keep trying ^^.


It feels great to sit on :slight_smile:


Grats for the rare mount.

And @Celadina, do not engage, i repeat, do not engage! :rofl:


Thank you :wink:

(Kooki) #6

Congratulations. Now you are forever free of running that dungeon. Lucky you. :blush:


Thank you kooki :slight_smile:

(Punyelf) #8

(Xartim) #9

Well congratz then!



Cheers punyelf, I wish you luck in your quest to obtain the love rocket :slight_smile:

(Assassia) #11

Free from running that place!?..ahhahaha, nice joke.

Blizz will figure something out that make you go back there, even if you have done it 1 million time before :stuck_out_tongue:

Low lvl toons (under 110) get some nice exp for queue up to it, cant miss that.

Or they added new toys, so you had to re-farm the tokens for this event to buy them. (just like the luna event, had to fly around the world for 4½ hour to be able to buy all the new toy they added for that event…).

I bet next year, they gonna add a new toy…shot a love arrow at your target (5 min CD), puts a heart over the targets head, debuff: love stuck…or something like that…proberly gonna cost 200 tokens >.<

But again, cant say i dont mind them adding something new, atleast i can do the event again, without feeling left out :stuck_out_tongue: (atleast i love the new event HS toys, its a nice new idea, now i just wish i had the dark portal HS for my warlock…)

To OP, gratz on the mount, welcome to the club XD!


Im trying so so hard to be good atm :frowning:

(Uldurin) #13

I’m not jelly…


Gratz to you! :slight_smile:


you can ride my love rocket anytime.


Congrats (:wink: i dont farm it tho i dont like those type of mounts.
I Rather have the animal Mounts
Ashes of Ala’r 1 day u wil be mine


Gz! :grin: I farm on 8 chars and nothing . Next year I will collect hearts and open at last day all… xD



Thank you all :slight_smile:

(Canabal) #19

Give up?..Never really got started but I guess the appeal of that mount is how rare it is.

(Kooki) #20

I do the dungeon every day on my two characters that can do it and I don’t even like the mount. :laughing: