I can finally ride the love rocket!


So… Lovely Chram, bracelet, token all gone? Ok I can understand charms but token from mine bag that is …Don’t have words :scream: :unamused: :sob:
Why just don’t make them as a currency like darkmoon.


Is that a euphemism? :thinking:

Also, Gz sir or err… madame. :grinning:


As someone who got the Rocket last Saturday: YES IT DOES!


the tokens DONT disappear if you dont log the toon with the tokens till the nextlove is in the air. I noticed that this year when I logged my rocket farm toons on Stormscale :smiley:

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Its not the love for the individual mounts, but the love of knowing you have it! :smiley:

…rides away on my love rocket o/

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Hahah… gl next year <3


@OP, gz on rocket, very hard mount to get if not lucky.

@Assassia, as someone who got lucky on this in 2014, who’s however a collector and would’ve had over 630 total runs by the end of 2014 event if it hadn’t dropped so soon and several thousands by now, I found the exp from it low enough that it didn’t compel me to do a single run, especially since for me the very low drop mount that I struggle with is the timereaver, and since timewalking exp is A LOT more, like 13x more than 1 love rocket run, I better level my alts with that than rocket.

I was busy with other stuff also like rbg for vicious mounts, still am, so didn’t go for the new toy since I think there was one, otherwise probably I’d have done it daily just for the tokens, can’t even trade the mount if you get it again, not that it’s likely at all.


According to that I would not play wow till next year :joy:
I farm tokens with mine all chars

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Not practical for many of us xD


Imagine you don’t play wow becase love tokens and start brand new characters .Next year on valentine day you open chars and there is no tokens :rofl:

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Why I cant put link in post like you :neutral_face:

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You just need to reach trust level 3 then you’re gucci :wink:


Is there some guide to see my progress :joy:

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Most of it is covered in the

Basically you can hit level 3 after 50 days of posting/reading/taking part if you meet all the criteria.

You’re on day 24 according to your profile, you can also see other stats you’ve clocked up there.

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