I cant buy anything in the shop

Im tired of being a damn ugly goblin and want to race change, but i get some error each time i try to buy a race change?? idk if it has anything to do with new EU law requiring extra security for purchases online ?

What is it saying when you try to purchase something, also where are you living.

Hmm I dont recall exactly, but I had success adding currency to my battlenet account(in the app) after deleting all the old credit cards saved in my account.

But all the times I tried to purchase something via the shop ingame it would go into error.


I bet this is the issue they will fix in less than a day.



I would get a name change while you’re at it

Lol I actually just typed in some random crap with my right hand and then i pressed enter

Are there any local laws prohibiting online purchases without a valid bank card in Denmark?

We have this wonderful thing called “NemID” and in this new year we need to authorize every(I think) purchase online with it. It actually popped up in game, and I went in the app on my phone and authorized the purchase but still the purchase didnt go through.
Basically its like a blizzard authenticator just with your personal ID, banks etc.

I imagine a donkey sound when I read it. Maybe you can race change to a Tauren. Close enough!

Maybe wait for a few hours? If not ticket Blizzard and/or the company responsible for “Nemid”

I would try to open a ticket or the customer support section of these forums.

Lol. I might go maghar tho :stuck_out_tongue:

actually thought i posted this at the costumer support section (I could move it to customer support section by my self )

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Luckily when you race change you can actually change the name too.

Or at least that’s what happened with me the last time I did it.


Oh didn’t know that. I know server transfer sometimes gives a name change if yours is already taken

Yeah you can ^^

Blizzard cannot help with payment problems on the forums, you would need to ticket.

You should include the error in the ticket.

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Hi there!

So you would indeed need to open an issue if you are having problems accessing the in-game shop, though we would need the exact error message to direct you to the best solution. If you are still having the problem, please do open up an in-game issue and include the error message, payment method, and any other relevant details, and we’ll help as quickly as possible.



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