I can't play classic wow at all


This is my first time doing a forum post here but i feel i need to. i go to school from 8 am to 2 pm 5 times a week. when i get home i’m really stoked to play classic beacuse i freaking love this game. i log into the game and i see i 15000 people queue in front of me.

I think to myself “hmm maybe i can do something in the meantime”. I go to the gym, i play other games, watch youtube and other activities. couple hours later i check the queue again, and it’s around 10k. Then the whole day goes by and it’s now 9 pm and i’m still in a 3k queue. So this is where i really get frustrated, i haven’t been able to play the whole day and after 7 hours i’m still in a long queue. Like I need to go to bed at around 11 pm beacuse i have school in the morning.

I’m just really sad that i can’t play my favorite game of all time beacuse blizzard messed up the launch so bad.

This need to get fix and i know for a fact that there is alot of other people who have the same problem.


You just have to wait it out until everybody settles down I guess. Unfortunate but there isn’t really anything else you can do


Have you seen this?




has this been applied yet or when will blizzard do it?

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