I can't seem to do world quests on a new char?

so basically. i havn’t played since season1, and now i’ve returned and leveled a new character. After hitting 60 i thought i could go do WQ etc. but i can’t. So i logged onto my main, thinking i needed to do something new from season 2-3. I’ve now finished all the story i could find for. And still can’t do WQ on the new alt? any sugestions?

World Quests in Dragonflight?

Checking your armoury, it shows the Level 60 achieve, but not the Level 70. https://worldofwarcraft.blizzard.com/en-gb/character/eu/draenor/demondodo/achievements/character

Do you have a separate account for your Level 70?

The only requirement for an alt to see WQ at 60 is that your 70 has completed the campaign through the four zones and presented yourself to Alexstrasza at the end, which is when your Level 70 first sees WQ.

Sorry for the late response. Yes it’s the DF ones, and i dunno what my armory shows, but i do have multiple 70s

I dunno then. When I check the armoury or Wowhead for youer account, for the achievements that open World Quests, I can’t find them.

What is the name and realm of one of your 70s?

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