I chose the wrong quest reward :(

Hi, i’m ashamed to admit that i chose the wrong trinket from the UBRS quest, (2% melee crit instead of 2x Spell crit)

Is there any way i can get this corrected in-game?

Many thanks!

I am quite certain this is something a Ticket to a Gamemaster can help you fix. I am not 100% sure, but you should definitely try!

You made your choice! Though regrettable it may be, this is a permanent choice for your character. I am sure you can find another trinket that may suit your abilites.

Thanks Mugaia, i’ve tried making a ticket in-game though the ticket system seems to just not work properly and laggs

Sara, i’m not going to get into an argument with you, you’re not a GM or a blizzard employee and as such i’m not going to treat your comments as anything factual at this stage, even though you may end up being correct, however the one thing i will say is that i was encased in an iceblock being attacked by 15+ horde at the time of this decision, and based on the poor description of the trinket which doesnt state that it only affect melee hits

I’m not sure where is best to post this in the hopes that it will be seen by someone at blizzard, its been a long time since i’ve used the forums, there used to be a section for in-game issues

I would try and open a ticket in-game. They GM’s are usually very helpful with things like this.

Ah that is quite unfortunate, the decision is quite on the moment and doesnt make sense for a mage like you. In this particular scenario i think it may be nice for blizzard to help a player out. when it comes to quest rewards ive made decicisons 2 months back that id like to revert like taking magnis will instead of songstone of ironforge. i wonder if that can be reverted aswell, i doubt it since i used the ring for a long time but if your quest reward can possibly be changed then so i perhaps have a second chance.

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at least u didn’t choose the dodge trinket

Open a ticket here on eu battle net. The ingame service for tickets is indeed not working as intended

That’s what you get for playing a Gnome.

The in-game ticket system is slow, the time it will take for a response will make it so you cant replace the item because you got it long ago.
Good luck though.

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