I did not get the quest for the new area

My son has a 70 Evoker, but de don’t have the questline that starts the adventure into the new are in the cave. He entered manually by flying into the cave, but there is ofc no quests there, since he didn’t get the start quest in Valdrakken. But he can participate in killing rares and upgrade armor, even get the 3 flightmasters, use them and join raids. He even started a normal Abyss raid and did the fiorst 3 bosses at ilvl 390 with a 2-3-9 grp. But, why doesn’t he get the starter quest in Valdrakken so he can do quests there? How to “reset” and get it? I checked his quests and there is no sign of the starter quests. His toon is Dragolyx on Twisting Nether

Need to do the questline in Forbidden Reach to unlock the cavern questline.

Talk to the dracthyr npc on top of the Seat of the Aspects at the back when you teleport up, then just do the main questline in the Reach, doesnt take long at all.

Ah, ty! He hasn’t finished the questline in Forbidden Reach, so that’s the problem :slight_smile:

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