I dont buy New Exapnsion as Dk unless they fix this class

All i can say is that the Current Devs dont know whats their doing with this class
Unblievable how They Butchered DKs in DF
the whole Talent design is a Big Failure and the person who designed it need to lose his job tbh
There are too many traps and no diversity also the fact that they Ignored such a mess they created all expansion is beyond me.
Just as Title says going forward with this Dk design into next Expansion is completely Unacceptable.


They already announced Our Hero talent Bro :slight_smile:
Im Done even trying to call blizzard here since its waste of time
Go play something Else or just go some other games everyone checking this froum but Developers :smiley:

How is sad but blizz doesnt care about any DK (Blood frost or unholy). I main blood and waiting for rework from DF start but who got reworks ? paladins and dh … Does vdh really needed rework ??? doesn’t they have utility ? doesn’t they have dmg ? doesn’t they have tankiness ?? As blood dk you need go full dps gear ( legendary also) dps talents also that you do almost like vdh … This company are joke… they dont care. Those hero talents post from blizz was first blue post from dragonflight start. In ptr cycles there was no BLUE feedback DK post. That says how much they care.


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