I feel weak

I’m pretty sad. DK just feels miserable to play outside of cooldowns :confused: Will it improve with better gear?

My paladin destroys everything with little effort, while being incredibly tanky. This guy hits like a wet noodle.

Not to mention DKs entire damage relying on a 3min CD window, while paladin gets wings every 1 minute.

I only pve so I’m not interested in any pvp stuff, but even killing little mobs in the world is a chore and a half.

I love the class theme and fantasy of DKs, but at this point I feel like just benching him and playing my paladin, even though I’m not a fan of the whole ‘holy light’ vibe. My only hope is a complete overhaul of DKs soon, even though blizz have been totally silent on the issue.

My goal is to have one main to collect all the reps on and stuff, but I can only dedicate time to one character, so this dilemma is kind of stopping me playing as I swap between them trying to decide what I like and ultimately getting bored xD

Anyone else feel the same? Any advice?
Thank you :slight_smile:


the answer you are looking for here is druid.

Druids not always a great choice.

Low performer in raids and only boomys showing consistent success in m+, although feral is getting some ST buffs, how great those are unknown

Also while druid has 4 speccsz theyre all completely different roles, meaning if ur primarily looking to be a melee dps, which i pressume OP is based on his 2 choices so far. Druid would leave him pidgeon holed into a singular specc.

As for DK.

In m+ frost is ur best bet running oblit build this is a 1minute cycle dps specc, which should help open world too. However be known this is a 2handed specc. Not a dual wield.

In raids though frost wants DW for a st build.

with 4 specs, even if just 1 is melee, you have the best chance at being good, at one point or another
and for reps and generally collecting stuff, nothing beats a druid.
they are speedy and spammy and everything you need

Not if ur refusing the play the other 3 because u dont wanna tank be a caster or heal.

Rogue. Hunter. Mage. Warlock are the safest classes when looking from this dynamic.

3 speccs of the same catagory of rol

Druids if u wanna be everything. But if ur only seeking to be a dps. Hybrids such as shaman or druid can simply be a bery bad choice. Because ur gonna end up carrying several sets of gear just to make it work and completelt swap roles .

sure, sure, pure dps is always a great choice if you only want to dps.
a hunter will always be a great class for farming and stuff

i chose a druid to farm old content and reps and i never regretted that decision once though
and you’re a cat
why be anything else when you can be a cat?

Its also consistently been the worst specc in the game :joy:

I love feral, but to Snapshot keep bleeds, pool energy correctly and more to be the worst specc consistently for 8 years feels awful.

Maybe i see what the buffs do in 10.1.5, but blizzard dont like the complex options to be high performers, because it alienates the majority who struggle.

ain’t that the god awful truth?

they did shine a bit at the start of the xpac cause of solo shuffle primal wrath, and they did ok in m+, but now they are back to the bottom of the barrel.

but it is, as a spec, better to play as it was before.
the spec tree is nice
the class tree is an abomination, easily the worst tree out of all of them out there

Gameplays defintly better, and u see ferals pump in m+ in AoE. Their ST is just too awful. There are so many options which can output the same aoe while being alot stronger in ST.

I can never get into druids :slight_smile: just one of those classes I can’t stick with

I can see that you know what you want, but I want to offer so advice because I was also like you and only very recently, in my 12 years of playing, began to figure out how I can compromise with playing a class that feels good (but doesn’t fulfil my class fantasy) and a class I love (but is bad).

It’s really difficult to stick to just one character in modern WoW. Levelling is so easy that when you’re tired of your main, even if you didn’t already have another alt, you’ll cave in and create a new one because it won’t take you a week if you focused on levelling it. Add another week at max and you’re fairly well geared.

I totally get your trouble. DK is one of my favourite class fantasies too, which always comes first to me (or else I’d go and play Overwatch or something). I’m a PVPer and if they felt as rewarding as my other favourites (Havoc DH and Ret Paladin) then I’d play it all the time. But they don’t. I tried to go Unholy at the end of Shadowlands because it started to appear on the meta, but it just wasn’t doing it for me. Frost DKs fulfil the ideal fantasy for me. The cold bringer of death.

So I started playing my Frost DK for what it is. I do my daily rewards on him. I get him the transmogs I want, I do the rep I want him to have. Then, I go and play the competitive content on my Ret and Havoc. I’m happy that way. I know DKs will get a buff at some point and then I can go and fully enjoy my Frost. But for now, this suits me.

This might not work for you, but I really feel you. I believe that DKs will return to their former glory. But whilst you wait, ride out the storm.

The best thing about my method is that I never get sick of him either and entering that first BG and spamming those Howling Blasts and Obliterate with Empowered Rune Blade up feels a way that my DH or Pally never will.

Good luck.

“We live another day”

It will be amazing when they do the unholy re work moving the power in to the dk and player rather then the rng focused full pet build

When’s this rework?

10.1.5 release is what im hearing

That’s just a PvP thing no?

Yep just PvP, massive mistake there should make it in all content and get us away from over reliant CD over setup play.

Then lower army cd too and make necrotic wound also reduce damage dealt to the DK to add some survival in PvP.

Sorry for the late reply, but yes I’ve gone frost and upgraded my gear and it feels much better. Can’t wait for a rework. :slight_smile:

that is good to know.
ive been thinking of respecing my unholy to frost as it does feel really slow and almost useless half the time (which is a shame as i love the necro like vibe to unholy)

don’t worry, some of bosses, if others people don’t do dmg for you, just impossible at unholy even in top gear (hehe) cause of this cd, a lot of m+ dungeon drop your dmg cause impossible take big pulls (hello VP).

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