I find Crafting orders confusing and frustrating

I’m a casual player, I’ve never had crafting professions, if that’s relevant, only gathering to get some gold.

Crafting orders are very confusing to me for multiple reasons:

  • I don’t know how much to tip, it’s either too little or too much. Literally, I don’t even know the ballpark, is it 500g or 5000g?
  • I’m confused with the “who supplies the materials” thing and how I make it work
  • I don’t know when to put the cheapest, and when to put the best materials, sometimes it seems to not matter? Both yield the same result?
  • Sometimes I put the same materials and get different ilvl items for different characters, f.e. this happened for an epic gem - on my main I got the best, on my alt - a lower level, and both times I put the same reagents
  • And most of all, private orders - this drives me crazy… I don’t know how to find people for these… I try general chat/trade chat and nobody replies

Ever since I’ve been playing the game, there hasn’t been a more confusing and frustrating system for me than this one.

Why can’t I get clear information what ilvl item I’m going to receive, and why are private orders mandatory for some things?

Dear devs, please reconsider Crafting orders

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Gonna try to answer these

  • If your order isn’t being picked up, tip more.
  • If you don’t supply materials, you tip more to pay for the mats
    • If your material free order isn’t being picked up, tip more.
  • If you want to recraft an item in the future (because you want to increase its item level) always use the best materials, because if you use weak materials then you will have a lower base skill when recrafting those items. (This one is up for debate tho, more of a personal opinion)
  • If you want an item crafted that cannot be upgraded in the future or you have no intention of ever recrafting, use the lowest quality reagents you need to ensure its highest quality
  • Not much to do there with private orders other then remember the names of people who complete your public ones and try to message them.

Trade and general is your only real option to find crafters not already on your friend list or part of your build.


Thank you!

The results you get are based on the skill level of the crafter who picked up your order, higher quality mats can make a difference, sometimes… depending on the item.

I rarely look at orders that don’t have mats supplied, unless there is a note and a higher tip to compensate. The people who tip low with no mats are ignored.

Feel free to message me for crafting, I can do a fair amount to penta level.

You understand far more about the Crafting Orders system than I do… :pensive:

I’ve never been so lost within a core system in this game. Every time I try to figure it out or read up on it, it’s like it’s written in a foreign language and quite overwhelming for me.

Haven’t managed to use it at all since it was introduced. :face_exhaling:

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