I got to thinking what if?

So I’ve been thinking, what if the devs made either side of the tree 100% symmetrical and made the left side 100% dot based and the right side 100% blaster based?

My idea here warrant that they combine MF and MS, to really make things work. potentially bottlenecking the tree at MSp’s location, having us choose between MS modified MF or MSp - functionality explained further down
And that they change our mastery (multi hit style again plz), and make VB into a spender talent as a choice node with DP. And make VB heal 100% of damage done seeing as blaster side doesn’t have any passive self heal

As mentioned before the left side would be dot based but central left side as single target dot/MF modifiers and outer left as aoe dot/MF modifiers and this side getting Dark Evangelism as their burst and a Malefic Rapture like ability as their aoe spender, which extends the duration of the dots

The right side will function the same way but with focus on MB/MSp
MSp would replace MF as our filler and hit every target within x yards of main target, this is because MS is baked into MF, so that both fillers are aoe capable.
This side would get good ol’ 20% damage increase VF as burst, and Cascade as aoe spender.

At the same spot on either side of the tree Vampiric Insight and “insert name here”, this is MSp based which will make MB 33% faster to cast per stack, stacks 3 times, upon reaching 3 stacks the CD of MB is reset

The central column would be utility/Bender/PL. PL will work as it does but add a modifier for blaster build so that MSp will leave a non damaging debuff on all targets hit, linking them all together

We basically got what we need for it already, for the dot side stuff needs to be condensed a little, meaning combining some of the weaker stuff and the blaster side basically separating the functions of MSp and coming up with some aoe based talents to fill it out

And SFP be gone with it, so that the central capstone talent could either buff or reduce the cost of spenders

This thought process kinda originated in the original Evoker tree, but could fit shadow very well, and suit several play styles and reduce our massive button bloat

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I was fiddling with a similar idea a while ago. Seeing that I really like the idea of sort of pledging ourselves to one of the old gods(idol talents), I used that as our capstones, and considered what the lines leading into them could be. N’zoth and C’thun obviously fits well into the dot side of it, but the two others could possibly need a slight change.

I’d personally love for us being capable of a dot/drain focused build, and it’s kind of sad to see our dots purpose right now pretty much being solely to keep mastery up. Even talenting c’thun, monomania and mind flay: insanity, with current iteration we hardly get time to channel flay, which just diminishes the worth of these talents. Won’t badmouth the idols too much, since they’re obviously being changed in some way, since they just don’t do enough or are bugged at the moment.

All in all, what matters most is gameplay feeling good, fluid and strong, but on a personal level(#voidgang), I’d love to see voidform given some sort of relevancy again, since rather than changes, all it’s limps have been cut instead. In current iteration on ptr, the kit is such that I don’t even want either dark ascension or voidform, I just don’t need them, and they’d only add another button to press. A blaster side/line as you said, could possibly do something with that. I know blizzard disliked the haste part of mass hysteria, but with DF, it seem they’re trying to push us more into crit instead, along with us having ancient madness. Could this possibly be a time to make voidform a sort of combustion for spriest? :thinking:

It’s what I think it would become this way. But all in all I want DE and VF to both be bursts, but be at their own side leading to the capstones

Merge monomania talent into dark ascension(dots tic 50% faster in DA), and ancient madness(without the degrading) into voidform. Haste on one side, crit on the other. (also make both instant). :thinking:

That would be amazing! And would remove a good bit of clutter. And as much as it pains me to say this, then move Coalescing Shadows down below Dark Ascension, and then buff Hungering Void a little… Wait no that’s already pretty strong considering my idea for the blaster spender. But then take the STM move while casting and add it to VF

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Surrender is in dire need of some sort of rework or change anyway. First of all the outdated “You die.” part, which was only flavourful in legion due to the “battle against insanity” we had. I was thinking it could just be a modifier to Voidform. Again, like mage combustion, let our abilities reduce voidform cooldown or something, and have Surrender let us move while casting, in addition to it’s insanity gain effect(could even be reduced to 50% increase if otherwise is too strong).

In current iteration, it feels super awkward that spike consumes the buff, since you want to be using it for blasts. I wouldn’t be against just removing it’s blaster part, and make it increase DP damage instead, perhaps it could finally feel impactful to cast our spender then. :sweat_smile:

Not against voidbolt being blaster spender either, as it could make it feel more impactful as a hard hitting ability we build our resource to cast.

I think we’re zeroing in on the prefect 2 pronged spec here!

That’s why I’m thinking that it should be deep in the dot side, seeing as Hungering plays the same role on the blaster side, and then the fact that it’s a proc can make up for the higher damage gain than Hungering which is in turn a permanent 10% buff.

But otherwise yeah if it stays as it is, it would be a lot better for it to buff either MB or DP - It does feel like DP needs a buff to at least it’s application damage atm it just feels like a weak 6 sec CD ability

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