I hate the argument "it's fantasy, therefor anything is possible"

Listen, if you actually think the above sentence holds any merit, you are a terrible writer and shouldn’t be allowed an opinion.

Why is World of Warcraft taken over by these types? I understand that lore might not need an explanation and that some mystery’s are a good thing, but people use this pathetic excuse to warrant any simple change of detail in a storyline because who cares, it’s just fantasy.


It has mostly hapenned because WoW is… well it is WoW.

Back in the Warcraft RTS era lore was much more compacted, easier to tell, with less characters. When WoW became a thing all the storylines we’ve knew got spread into myriad of ways along with completely new ones.

Combine it with the fact that Lore is meant to suit the Gameplay and not the other way around, you have a lot of room for poor writing.

WoW’s in game events that take place may feel completely ridiculous which is why I personally think that true successor and sequel to RTS games in terms of storytelling are the books.

They have at least the consistency that the game threw out of the window long time ago. Characters presented in the literature are not as broken as in game. And often times they act completely different than in game. As if there were two Worlds of Warcraft.

One existing in the books and the other that is in the game. But I agree, storytelling in the game could benefit from an actual quality boost.

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