I have a question

Hello everyone on the forums I hope you all are having a nice day.
I know I am.
But enough with the pleasantries down to business…
First of course a little explanation.
So given the current state of the game and my own points about the game I do not feel like paying €26 for 2 months until i am sure I really want to commit to it again.
And the only other option i have is subscribing (recurring payments) to get the 1 month option.
So does anyone know of another way to only pay for 1 month of gametime?
Or am i screwed and do i need to do it with those 2 option?

Most people I know that only want to pay monthly, do it via the sub, they pay then cancel the recurring subscription.


Thanks for anwsering I have been looking on google but those cards are all more expensive then the €13 1 month version of the battle.net site
So yeah i gues I am going to do just that.

Just remember that if you set up a subscription, you need to cancel it AFTER the payment is taken. If you cancel it before then your subscription will end as normal.

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