I have all ELITE PVP sets this season

Hi guys. I have only Rival 2-1950 CR on main… but I have all pvp ELITE sets for all classes, for this season farmed from arenas… Is there anyone who got all pvp elite sets too? Thanks Blizz for the best pvp expansion. Am I a celebrity now? :rofl:


hey there, haha nice :smiley:

previous season i had like 9 classes ± But it costed me a fortune! to gear them all.
This season i have 5 difrent classes reached 1800.

but some gear is really nice to have for mog. previous season i had 1799 rating
on my disc priest and fell down again after many times close to 1800. i gave up. haha

Next season it will be less. i wanna get guud with 1 class specifiek and push for more rating.

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