I have earned my own in game char

Honestly as a multiple runner up in arena tournaments and being undeniably the best wow player, and unlike players like that degenerate Rat from solo shuffle and Tagsy… im wonderful and deserve my own lore

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Sir this is a wendys.


Keep dreaming. They only do ingame characters mostly as a tribute to players that were known and passed away.

You got it Drainer. You’ll officially replace the Ratstallion mount from here on out.

Eh they once honored a Blood Elf RP Character that whas so over the top as he used official lore characters in his lore, that he got placed as a self-called Prince of Eversong.

sorry chief but you need to a famous streamer this days and also have died :smiley:

Bet u can’t score orange logs in M+ or raids kekw

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