I just got banned for 32days for a name I asked to change but couldnt

Hello fellow Gamers,

today I have to come here because I don’t know what else to do - im literally out of options. Please give me 3 minutes of your precious time and tell me what else I can do abou this.

I was banned because of a NAME I’ve taken and i tried to appeal it but I got yet another automated message. So let me explain you what exactly happened.

I am playing a shaman on EU Gehennas called Tampoon and I was previously banned 3 months ago because I thought it would be hilarious to have another Char called Yourmother - apparently I got reported for that, even tho I still believe its a funny name, nevertheless I got banned for 2 weeks for that name. When I was unbanned I specifically asked the Gamemaster (Frichader, Daremdekhar and Eeyveer) if they could also rename my mainchar called Tampoon because I was just worried I would get banned as well for that. He and 2 other GM’s SPECIFICALLY ensured me that I will not get banned for that name. WORD FOR WORD FROM GM: “In terms of your Shaman’s name, you would not get banned for that.”

Date of Ticket: 3 months ago.

Now I got banned 2 days ago - for 32 days. despite asking for a rename pre-emptivly and getting refused because apparently it was a fine name.

This is completely out of my hands and looks like a complete random ban to me - I literally tried to prevent this but instead got told by GM that name is fine and I should suggest paid Nickname changes on the bnet forums if I wanted a namechange. And now im just gone until Wrath or so. That is so unfair - because I play this game alot and I’ve literally done no other offenses then what i stated here.

Can someone please tell me what I can do?


It’s not what Blizzard find offensive it’s what other players find offensive.

That’s how bans work and posting here will not affect anything.

The ONLY thing you can do is open another ticket and ask for it to be looked at by a senior GM, explain in this ticket about your past tickets too.

I recommend removing any GM names.

If you do not succesfully appeal (previous) penalties and your next penalty is somewhat recent, then they will become more harsh. But otherwise do what Dottie said above.

But GM names are public knowledge why would I need to remove them? I have names of 3 GMS who have all said my name is fine and have ignored my appeal for name change… now I’ve received 32 day ban on the verge of new expansion and that feels extremely unjustified considering the circumstances…

Where did you read that GM names “are public knowledge”?

Considering they are in customer support…? Why would they be telling us their names otherwise in tickets, I dont know. Just seems like common sense to me.

Their names are not public knowledge, and are periodically changed for when people learn them. This is to stop people trying to bypass the ticket queue, and directly whispering a GM. Forum staff are not GM’s.

Even if you had the name, it wouldnt be possible. They work from outside the game. The time they had to log into game to do stuff is very long gone.

I find that odd, and found info about it nowhere. But these names were of GMs 3 months ago so I guess they’re already switched around. I was just very disappointed about the automated response I got from a GM now and it seemed to me that directly posting here would probably be the only way to reach actual person of Customer Support…

I would suggest to you that the fundamental problem here is the choice of name for your toons.

You got banned for ‘Tampoon’ which can hardly have come as a surprise to you when it happened.

Then you create another toon called ‘YourMother’ because (and I quote) you thought it would be hilarious.

I have no sympathy and I would hope a double ban would ensure you choose reasonable names for your toons going forwards.

In terms of appealing your ban, you will have received specific instructions on how you can do that in the ban notice. You should follow those instructions. Posting here will not help your cause.

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I realized, and learned from that 3 months ago due to the suspension about my toon called Yourmother, I asked 3 times for a name change, to which everytime I got reassurance to that the name I had chosen isn’t bannable, and help that I asked was not given. And you dont see the problem here? Why are you so full of hate?

You would have been told in your ban notice how to appeal a ban. Posting here is not the way to appeal it.

I see the problem. You clearly do not.

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I was just having hopes that there would be actual living persons as moderators on these forums so I tried to have a shot here. As all I can expect in ticket answers nowadays is actual robot giving me automated answers to what question I have before even reading it, unless for some lucky long shot I am able to reach that live person through my tickets.

All the blue posters here will tell you is make a ticket.

You read my post about tickets, right?

Yeah, thanks Dottie! Appeal is sent and now I am just hoping here, wish I could delete this pointless post somehow though.

Because using the GM names or the Blizzard name (followed by random letters), they create scams to players like “We have lost your account details, please log into the site … and enter your details” so they steal your account. It happens very often, so avoid using such names.

Else. Can I ask your age, no offense? Because to honestly say and think that having a character with the name Yourmother is fun, it makes me think that you are about fifteen years old …
Another thing: Do you find it difficult to use normal names that make sense? And above all that it does not offend anyone?

To me these bans from Blizzard are more than fair.

Good luck.

If you see the point the OP is making then you might understand better.

They are saying they ASKED Blizzard if these names where ok and Blizzard said they were but then these names got them banned. As in “If the names are OK why am I banned”.

I understand. I don’t agree. Anyone - GM or not - who thinks the name ‘Tampoon’ is OK needs their head given a wobble. It’s not.

Blizzard have - it seems - moved on from this puerile approach and I for one applaud it.


As other posters have pointed out, we are unable to discuss, or review account actions via the forums. If you wish to having the issue looked into, please make an appeal ticket and our Support Team will follow up with you.