I just want to thank for the worst prot pala set of the expansion

I love to get my 7% parry 4 set next week on my prot pala.
srsly never do community voting again and pls buff vdh more seems really underwhelming with close to 73% popularity in mplus :smiley:

(yep im mad/sad about the lack of tank balance)

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prot pala is quite solid so in m+ and most likely the nr.2 tank?

yes vdh is broken but pala aint bad. be happy you are not brew the worst tank and then even get nerfed lol

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im so happy that i can move out of my consecrate without instantly dieing that i honestly i just dont care about anything else

if you think another seasons item set would’ve closed the gap between prot pala and void dh you are on something man

the set is good enough, mostly people voted for it because they didn’t want to be even more tied down to consecration

The set won because it’s the strongest for mythic plus, and that’s what most people play.

like the blood dk set vote, which is by far worse? :dracthyr_lulmao: