I like the new tier design, But

For two reasons i feel shafted by it, i love the design, helmet and al, but two points it’s pressentation made me very dissapointed

  1. From the raid alone there are 5 Piece ( 6 if you count bracers) al of them except shoulder and head that has the warrior tier apperance, kinda makes my set feel less uniqe when every other pale class can pick up a near full set.
    ( there is 11 plate pieces in total, could distribut allot better then 6 warr/ pala3 / 2 dk)

  2. The mythic color scheme is really not living up to the theme of it’s counter parts, that has this white purity base but clear influence of purple corruption from the shadowflame seaping in to it, no it has the same litural white tint and glow as the previus mythic tier, and previus epansion shadowlands elite pvp set during season 1.

( may seam like small thing to nag about but al the other tier sets are clearly following a theme here so why dose the warriors get left out and feel pale as oatmeal? )

To top things off they changed the seconday stats on tier set, especially for fury they are f-ed up
most Mastery is gone and replaced by vers (only 1 piece has mastery)

Ive not looked too much into it, just been doing legacy stuff for mounts. Versatility is ok for the self healing, but its also the most useless stat. I heard somewhere that fury is going back to bfa stat priority (Haste- crit - mastery) which eould be good if you have CSHB talented. Will read up more when i get home

Where can we see tier 2 set pieces and their stats ? i have looked everywhere and cannot find apart from t1 set

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