I literally tore up with how unbearable the pvp is

Arms warrior joined a resto druid same cr
First game Ele/Aff both over 2000 exp
2nd game Hunter/Feral one 2400exp and the other 2200.

Lost both. Healer leaves.

EDIT : First time in 15 years that I play a DPS . Another 15-20 mins to find a healer again


Welcome to the world of Masochism.


Play fury. I won games on 1200 mmr without any setbonus or leggy.

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play outlaw rogue

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Wait till you go to the mage and rogue both with 3x 2400 1x 2700 of the same classes on their account playing on 1500cr :smiley:

So far played nothing but vs ppl like these since start of season :+1:


the greatest word to describe it ! Masochism :slight_smile:

Wait 3 more months and ppl will eventually play on the ratings they belong in soloq :joy: :clap:

I cant wait to start having a good time in this game again, its been so many years personally since blizz ruined the game into this what it has been for a decade now

And for shadowlands season 3-4 one saying come to mind which Im going to take heed from, work smart not hard :grin:

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Its grim, Iv quite comfortably got rival in previous seasons but only managed 1600 last season. Lost 6 games back to back last weeks then won 6 in a row with some random bald BM hunter who only spoke when mentioning he had to go for a p!ss. If you want to learn together im down any time mate, Happy to voice chat too. I only play healers but failed miserably trying to push as holy paladin

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rofling so hard at the comms when guy only thing calling is the need for toilet :joy: :+1:

sadly this has been the usual exp ive got from using voice on the ratings I play with ppl similar ratings I have so have given up on trying voice with ppl

And the groups that ask comms for one daily rbg huhu :sweat_smile: only join those if want to hear alot random things :sweat_smile:

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Holy pala is complete trash. You having failed with it means absolutely nothing so don’t worry.

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Weirdly I’ve never struggled so hard to get 1k rating on any char before and getting to 1k is like getting 2.2 at the moment…
I think it’s just due to the VERY low participation in arena on the EU side of things. The US is normal but EU is the lowest I’ve ever seen it, especially in 3v3.

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Most normal people realised PVP in wow is garbage and always will be and only the neckbeards and masochists remain playing all with 10 years+ exp.


Any form of beard, Gillette the best a man can get


Unless the desired effect is to reflect depression and looking like a homeless person living under a boat on beach

Hipsters the modern hippies!

so after reading comments i am little confused… last season i was 2.6 mmr in 2s and first game i played today was 2k mmr so it clearly drop down 600 as mmr resets every season start so whoever was 2.4 they are around 1.8 whoever was at 2.1 they are around 1.5 so what you guys want is to high mmr players keep high mmr or start at high cr so you never face them? cuz reading lots of comments just makes no sense thats how its been all the time & people complain about facing r1 & glads at low cr season after season is just trolling at this point

MMR soft resets every season so if you have to play vs r1 & glads or even 2.2 exp players whats so big deal? instead you would prefer if those players kept 2.6+ mmr after season ends so it goes even higher up to 10k+ lol it has to reset and CR in season start is literally nothing mmr is what decides who you face & who not

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