I love Arms, but i don't like it

DPS wise Arms is underperforming in the raid content, as well as bottom in M+, can’t say anything about PvP. (tuning can be done only PvE wise).

New pack of tuning comes - nothing about arms warrior. And this is hapenning since the 10.1.5. It’s extremely tilting.

Can someone tell us, is some process of analyzing or whatever is happening or we are just abandoned for indefinite period of the time.

tl;dr : I don’t want Arms to be OP, meta or whatever, I just want to know that we have enough attention and our problems are clear to the developers.


That’s the reason our spec is totally balanced. We have a good performance in pvp combat but we are underperforming in pve. It was always like that , Arms is the pvp spec and should stay this way.

I’m sorry but i can’t agree with you. If only this were the common thing for other classes - i would agree. But it’s not.

This argument doesnt work. Blizzard can and is tuning dmg outside of PvP. Look at the latest patch note for the mention “doesnt apply to PvP”.

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“A whole class spec is effectively banned from half the game content and that’s okay”

That’s how you sound right now.

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First, it is what it is. Second its not “banned”, just the elitists don’t want a grp composition with underperforming spec.

I don’t think you’re thinking clearly.
Anyone even minimally interested in performance hits a brick wall with warriors very fast.

If you didn’t, that’s a good sign that maybe your input on performance topics are not that relevant.

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