I managed to get 2.4k as BM and

… honestly I feel both ashamed and undeserving. Sure, CR in 2s and 3s is completely devalved right now and its alot harder to get rating than before, but getting 2.4k in solo shuffle is more about getting good lobbies and RNG than me being a solid BM hunter.

On one hand i pushed because i wanted the weapon mogs, but I really dont think that rewards should be tied to solo shuffle. I dont one bit feel that I reached an achievement or that I deserved it.

Anyone else feel this way?


Big ups, I got absolutely rolled by a BM hunter and holy priest in 2s. Their damage preasure and CC was just non stop.

Nah as long as you get what you aimed for then who cares.

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Was not going for pushing yet but, after getting my hunter to 70. I started gearing it with shuffle and blizzards decided after 2 lobbies of 6:0 still paring me with 1.5mmr :shrimp:

The lobbies containing pve aoe dps classes like dh, uhdk etc at this mmr ends up in pure pain for every hunter it feels. Every of your cc or pel with your tools gets broken by your mates all the time.

If your hunter lobby you have ppl that really dont care about any setup, you are doomed. While hunter itself feels strong, the lobbys make your gameplay bad if the lobbyi s

dont worry, anyone with a brain feels this way


Congrats on the elite

What you’re saying makes sense, but at the end of the day if we check the solo shuffle ladder all the best players are at the top, often without even that many games. So I really think that the randomness factor is overstated by players as an excuse for not being able to climb. Obviously yes there is a good slice of luck, but its clear you can influence the outcome a lot.


Yes obviously it wont happen by just queuing over and over, and im not saying i played bad at all. But as a mediocre player (and really mediocre when it comes to BM) my “best” play given some consistency will still sway between 0-6 and 6-0 depending on the lobby. If i were a supergood player, obviously there would be less 0-6 and more 5-1/6-0.

And the MMR swings factor alot as well. I can play 3 lobbys with 3-3, nothing budging, then i get a good lobby (6-0) and my mmr skyrockets. Now the next two lobbies with 3-3 im still gaining rating.

Being ashamed of rating in a game? It’s a game, have fun, you managed to get 2.4k, take it for what it is.

Grats on your 2.4k :+1:

if you are good at any other class, meaning positioning and awareness, there is no chance you actually can be a mediocre or bad bm. there really isnt much at all to play bad as bm.
you climb high on bm means you are a good player with arewareness and game understanding and could also climb on other classes that are mechanically easy without needing setup. e.g. dk, warri, dh.

actually most classes dont have super high skill ceiling. you just need the good awareness which most people, including me dont have in 3s. too much chaos and too many frames etc. lets me lose track. just too much stuff going on for my eyes

its just an excuse often seen here in the forums for lack of success. You lose some rounds because of bad teammates and rng but longterm you will climb. The influence of one person at the game is higher than people think.

BM is historically not the hardest spec to play. If you know how to not instantly die you can climb up to certain ratings pretty good as BM and there are quite a few BMS above 2.4 :slight_smile:
Still a bigger achievement than most people that cry in the forums here have.


grats, unfortunately most of solo shuffle is rng and sometimes you get a lobby where your class is useful and sometimes you will struggle:P inflation sure does help I was 2.2 and in top 10 before chrismas and now 2.5 isnt even top 100 lol :smiley: gotta keep grinding but i wont be suprised if we reach 4k+ rating by end of the ssn

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The strange thing is I’ve seen people with only 1550 achivs on check-pvp and never had rival or anything, but yet they’re 2.2+cr right now in shuffle. But they have no achievments to show for it since the achivs for 2.2 or any rating are for 2v2 and 3v3, there are no rating achivs for solo shuffle. So it kind of feels like getting ratings in shuffle doesn’t count there either in that aspect of it.

same experience here, having 1.8mmr and last 2 times i had team mates in shuffle with 576 rating… 3 people under 1k rating… i was like ??? is this system seriously broken right now? had 5-1 and then 6-0 and get almost nothing + for me but if im 4-2 or 3-3 im sure i would lose so much just because of that…

u can make 2.1 as a bm hunter without cc the enemy, at higher rating, your mates wont break the trap except dh´s

bm hunter booorst dmg especially with the 2/4 set is nice for low mmr lobbies.

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i prefer playing sv tho :slight_smile:

But ofc its possible. But the same lobbies those players break all this stuff its the one the disc priest dies to zugzug ww arms where your peel gets broken and they can press ToD/Execute etc.

using ur hunter tool is more than just cc healer^^

You have only 18 games. How is that legal. However, you are kinda 500 honor level, so if you weren’t good, then something would be wrong

Well RSS is very popular and lot of streamers love it, so I won’t consider it as a fail, even if it caused somewhat damage to other brackets. So i think that it should have rewards.
And while there is indeed RNG involved with what specs you have in team, you still managed to push that rate so clearly you impacted that games. Congrats :+1:

Atm I think solo shuffle is just about having time to actually do it to be honest

The level 500 mount is actually really cool compared to the previous mounts!