I miss world pvp - Dragonflight

I do miss world pvp because this game is World of Warcraft, Aliiance Vs Horde, has mmorpg we need entertainement like i do miss doing raids 40 vs 40 in world pvp evanding city’s.
I see it in private server’s happening, why we are so dead?
Guild vs Guilds should happen too. Too see events and tournaments who has the best guild, please bring the pvp back. I know all about batlegrounds but it is so private.
We need street pvp.

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i miss not having to deal with warmode. bad system.

but there iss til tons of wpvp…

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because there is no reward to do it

back in the day raiding a capital city got you a mount, it hasn’t been updated or incentivised since then

if tomorrow they introduce a Tmog for raiding Stormwind, you would see multiple raids and World PvP

tldr: Blizz are slacking on rewards for wPvP

Timeless Isle, Ash’ran… :(((

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