I need help sub rogue


Hey, I haven’t played my rogue since like cata and I wanted to test sub again, Im wondering how I get my spells/abilities, I can’t find like sinister strike/gouge/garrote/ambush.

My bars are really empty and I dont know where to find the spells

Edit: wait, i also don’t have poisons, do I have to do a quest again?


My friend, you are in for a shock.

What you see in your spell book is all you have.

Sub now works with Backstab as it’s PRIMARY ability out of stealth, replaced by Shadowstrike when in stealth. No preparation, no garrote, no variety.

Assass is the only rogue spec to use poisons now, and they have merged the 2 main ones into a hit and a DoT, as well as just ‘applying them’, you don’t apply them to a specific weapon. They also have garrote and rupture still (the only spec to) and work with poisons and bleeds as their primary sources of damage.

Combat is now ‘Outlaw’ and works on the concept of the character being a swashbuckler that can stuff guns down their pants and roll dice while in combat. That’s where you’ll find sinister strike and dispatch (old Assass execute type ability).

It’s to do with stripping back ability over-saturation while preserving class identity, there are very few abilities now that every spec of a class has available to them. It takes some getting used to, but all of the 3 rogue specs are fun to play, while they may take some getting used to, and are all very competitive and useful in groups (we have group stealth now!)

Good luck!!


Thank you for your reply, but oh wow… this is really it? It feels so empty, there are no buttons to press. Guess I’m not playin sub again


i think u can give Sub a try. its more fun then the mutilate tree


Still think subtlety is the most challenging spec out of the 3 we have.

Good luck with your new journey, I hope you’ll like it and have some fun


Sub is deffo the most challenging spec in rogue currently. Assass is the easiest to perform well in though. Outlaw has far too many button to press.
I play assass myself, but that’s mostly because I don’t like how they added a DoT effect to sub that isn’t optional if you wanna do the best dps you can. I always liked the dichotomy of choosing Rupture or another situational finisher over eviscerate. Now there’s a talent option, a DoT and Evis. That’s it. Zzzzzzzz.


Rupture always gave energy back for subtlety, nightblade the dott we have now increases our damage done to that target. It’s not just a dot or don’t I understand you?

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Sub now is a support class. Setting up the fight so others can do damage. Big burst every 3 mins.

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rupture giving energy with venomous wounds is an assassination thing unless you mean relentless strikes which we still have. rupture did damage and applied sanguinary vein which made the target take more damage, which is what nightblade does. it’s a very similar ability with a new name and icon.

basically. trouble is the blades burst isn’t even big really. the other day i watched nahj do a blades kidney go with cold blood on a holy pally and take him to almost 50%. made me sad. subtlety just can’t kill on its own anymore.

kinda makes sense though when you think about it. back in legion dark shadow was 25%, not 15% like now. gloomblade was normally picked over mos despite legion mos being 2-3x stronger than bfa find weakness.

backstab does nothing, gloomblade does nothing, shadowstrike does nothing. eviscerate does a bit but we generate combo points so incredibly slowly outside of dance that our sustained dps gets outhealed by a dpsers passive self-healing. i wouldn’t mind that so much if we did huge burst to compensate. that’s how we were in mop and wod after all. but we don’t.

burst is decent on squishy targets and really low on tanky ones. it’s almost never enough to actually threaten to kill anybody on your own, you need your partners to help you.

in terms of actual damage the only thing sub is half-decent at is bursting down squishy targets like rogues, mages and hunters. and even then we’re average. the spec isn’t so bad mechanically, it’s not mop or wod levels but it’s pretty similar to legion. the damage is just way too low to be any good.

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