I need some help with troll lore please

Hey! Sorry for the poor wording in the title.

I’m planning on making a troll, but I’m having some issues. I have a general concept of what I want to do, however I lack knowledge of troll lore and I’m not sure what to do.

I’d like to make a character that I can actually, y’know, RP without having to resort to bubble RP. I’d rather not make a race EG blood troll that’d likely get instantly decapitated the moment they walked into a city or something.

This is some of the things I’ve brainstormed so far, but I’m not sure where they’d be best fit based on this.

  • Something to do with blood magic, likely using shaman OOC class.
  • Makes potions that are effectively double-edged swords - they could give you a buff but could come with a curse, or maybe it’s addictive or something like that. A bit like dealing with a devil or an angry genie or something.
  • Despite the above point, the character is more just morally ambiguous and big on making people learn things. So a blood troll wouldn’t really fit.
  • Other than finding RP (for ooc reasons), she’s likely going into cities for supplies that might not be easy to find where she lives for IC excuses, so something that’s outright hostile to neutral and horde races would be isolating.

I have a couple of other ideas that aren’t related to what tribe she’d be best suited in, but she’s still new. Any help is appreciated!

If anyone has any access to resources about RPing someone with blood magic or certain Loa such as Hakkar and Shadra in particular I would appreciate that as well - I keep getting lost in circles on wowpedia and stuff and I’m sure there’s something more helpful out there.

Thank you for reading and for any help

Might be a little bit bias here but the Shadow of the Empires website was a massive help to me even before I joined the guild. The Loa section especially helped me out a lot with a lot Loa having little, to almost no lore on them. Might be able to really help you nail down a concept too. Hope it helps!

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You could make a zandalari serving one of the more morally questionable loa, but still loyal to Queen Talanji?
I’m not very knowledgable about troll lore, but a Priest of Hakkar who isn’t playing an antagonistic role could be very interesting.
Otherwise could just go for Bwonsamdi.

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I’m thinking of changing up my main to play a Troll Shaman or Hunter (because Trolls are the best!) are Shadow of the Empires still going these days? I heard about them years ago but I’ve had years out of the game and recently decided to start over.

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Yeah we’re still active and going strong! We’re currently on a campaign taking us though Zandalar. Got a lot more information on it on our forum post.


I think a best class for Blood troll is Blood DK Darkspear because it also comes with White skin. Compared with the red body tattoos you have a blood troll

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