I refuse to kill another Horde leader as Horde player


Kill another? Which Horde leader have you killed?

(Aerilen) #5

Garrosh. This is literally mop 2.0. Don’t be obtuse.


You seem to have misread. The OP is not named Thrall, and is not an orc. I was wondering which Horde leader he had killed.

(Aerilen) #7

You know full well what he meant by his post, being a pedant isn’t particularly witty.


The best course of action is to have Bolvar reenslave Sylvanas, then kill her as a tortured slave of the Scourge as opposed to a Horde leader.

(Erevien) #9

Perhaps its time to march to the Blizzard headquarters and stop being nice. Our protests need to be heard. Aggressivley without compromise. Period.

Where is Sylvanas ?

Alter that post or be reported for real life threats.

(Erevien) #12

I ain’t threating anyone. I say we should march in protest. I didn’t say we should start hurting or killing people. Stop ignoring the context.


You are legit calling for harassing people at their workplace.

And you give a real life location:

This is your last warning.

(Erevien) #14

Another one of Blizzards lies dismantled. We are close getting there. Reaching the final straw.

Your leaders are actually fightning for their faction. Ours are backstabbing each other. This ain’t a race of better or worse treatment.

(Erevien) #15

Where else would you protest to make your voices heard? It’s clear social media and forums are being ignored.

Way to fiddle things out of context. Like always.


Here. Here is where you write them. Blizzard has no obligation to listen to you or fulfill your demands.

I will leave it to the moderators to evaluate whether they found your comment threatening then.

(Mêphâlâ) #17

It is easy to say, when your faction at least has some development, alliance story stagnates, and with such treatment i bet that alliance will lose many story driven players.

(Erevien) #18

You can’t progress the story of a faction further when it’s paintet as absolute perfect in all means. Want progress? Start killing each other and cause internal strife. That’s how you get progress.

(Aerilen) #19

“Development”, it’s the same story repeated ad nauseum whenever there’s no big bad to bash at this point. If the Alliance wants to repeatedly walk in a circle, cackling while punching themself in the face then feel free to take that narrative from the Horde. I don’t think anyone here will object to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Erevien) #20

Moving to Sylvanas, I wanted to hear developers speak to her fans. So much has been heard from the “tribal” Horde via the Saurfang cinematics and through the questline to rescue him. Players were even given a chance to support the warchief by not participating in his rescue and those who made that choice feel that the direction the story is moving will ultimately leave them behind in favor of the “right choice”. The question then became, “What do you say to Sylvanas fans or those players who chose her because they didn’t like the gist of the Saurfang story?”

Shani came out the gate first by saying, “I would tell Sylvanas fans that her story definitely isn’t over yet. We have a lot more to tell. She’s not Garrosh 2.0. She has a lot more going on. Don’t want to spill anything, but there is a ton more coming for Sylvanas’s story.”

“Put yourself in the shoes of someone in the Horde. They’ve known nothing but conflict for over 20 years. They believe that Sylvanas is the person who will bring an end to this. She’s the one who can unite the Horde in ways it’s never been before. You can see how people would want that. They might think, “I would like to know peace, please. Sylvanas will get us there.” The people know what Baine and Saurfang and Thrall lead to – it’s just the same conflict they’ve seen. Sylvanas is bringing something no one’s ever brought before. So it’s interesting to see different sides of that. She has a plan.”

(Azuriida) #21

As one of blizz once said “i love redemptions story” so you can expect kerrigan 2.0 or even worse…lightforged sylvanas

(Vonbumnut) #22

so basically the horde are morons who think they can win a war they’ve been losing on all fronts since darkshore part 1. excited to see how the rest of her epic tale pans out!

PROTIP: redemption story and lightforged forsaken inc

(Blunderhoof) #23

Waaaait, I thought the Alliance were the morons in this story?

Bro tip ; We may not win the war, but we win at CGI.

(Vonbumnut) #24

on quantity maybe. quality-wise the alliance have had all the good ones that don’t involve bringing back old boring vanilla throwbacks

winner: alliance