I think realm hops should work like Aethernets

Hear me out.

I don’t play on the big rp realm but I’d like to come visit for RP events.
To do this, without a friend that is on that realm, I will need to open a second tab on a second account to group invite myself to hop myself over to that realm.
What if we had a system like 14 where we could touch a stone or whatever and it would hop your character to that realm much how phasing works. Group invite without the group invite.

Sure, if you play on the big realm you’d have no reason to use this and perhaps people could use it for negative reasons but I know other people not just myself who would be happy to hop realms without the need of a group invite. Better yet, without the need of a server transfer.

I’d like to believe it would expand the RP community having players who don’t play on RP realms be able to hop easily to try it out. And wouldn’t it be nice to have the lower pop RP realms be able to get together? AD has far more events than the others wouldn’t it be nice to have the rest of the RP realms able to connect with eachother easier?



I’m all for free shard hopping!

Generally speaking? The people that moved on to the smaller realms to get away from Argent Dawn did so for a reason, usually it’s to isolate themselves in a small community bubble with familiar friendly faces. Having experienced it in FFXIV all I can say is that the quality of Balmung (which was has been awful for a while) dramatically dropped the minute random (mostly OOC players) would come visit like it was a zoo or a place to pick up some ERP.

It’s a double edged sword, great for facilitating community play but absolutely dreadful for quality control. The Quicksand (Goldshire 2.0) wasn’t that way for a very long time, it gradually degraded but the final act was world visit feature as soon as they launched it the Quicksand was FILLED with people spamming OOC, looking for ERP and now it’s just generally a no go zone of mental illness.

It’s not a feature I think Blizzard will ever implement because we effectively already have that by just inviting a friend. It might be better for normal players if Blizzard just had larger servers and got rid of sharding like they have on the RP realms.

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