I took a break during 8.2


But I realised that Even If I come back at 8.3

I will need to : Grind Nazjatar to progress in my War campaign.

Grind gear back which isn’t really an issue

Grind Essences, & Collar levels.

I’m not really complaining but am I really supposed to do all that to access 8.3 ?


As far as i know no one has to complete 8.1 campaign to hop on nazjatar to do 8.2 content, so with 8.3 wouldn’t it be the same?


No I mean, I want to do the war campaign.


Well i dinged this paladin 2 weeks ago and i’am 11/21k reputation into honorbound so it’s way faster than before somehow. 1 Month to get exalted easily with no effort, just doing darkshore/arathi WQ, emmisary + War campaign itself.

Good source of Honorbound reputation is also mission table which i’m operating using Wow Companion phone app.


8.3 will be a new zone, new gear cap, etc. It’s a soft expansion reset just like 8.2 you can jump in and play.

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I wanted to play a bit some arenas after 8.2 with some friends of mine that still play retail, since I already had a running sub for the Classic beta. However, I realized that to do so I would have had to grind a ton of stuff I didn’t feel like grinding, like the Azerite necklace, the essences and gear from pve dungeons, so I decided to postpone playing retail 'till 9.0, as it seemed unreasonable for me to do all those things I don’t actually enjoy just to play a few arenas here and there.


You’ll need to grind Pathfinder (which may recieve some catchup tho), some essences (Ion said there wasn’t any planned catchup for the existing ones as they are supposed to be long term rewards, saying relevant all expansion long so your efforts now won’t be wasted two weeks later) but more should be added in 8.3 and the neck has a build in catchup mechanics so no worry here.

Gear won’t be an issue but Mechagon & Nazjatar will require you to pay them a visit every once in a while for their daily content.

Nothing that will really prevent you from taking a break and coming back in a few months.

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New patch new reset, current essences will be either free up to rank2/3 with new ranks added or made obsolete with new better essences added. Pathfinder will most likely remain as it is, so start grinding it now, takes week or so.


Note that most essences are obsolete from that list (they are dead on arrival) and you will likely only play with 3-5 bis (pure dps class)


I might do that I wanted to totally switch from a Warlock main to a Blood DK main.
Wanted to play Alliance even.

But that seems out of the way without flying unlocked and all that stuff to grind.

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Game will be the same no matter how many patches will come and go.
Grind will be the same, the game will be the same bad as it is now.
Cause activision is a bad team to design mmos, and as an ex founder of blizzard said “now in blizz dev team there are no gamers”.
So i with many others quit the game for good cause is totally bad and is pointless to play this. I will play classic for a limited time cause I know that I will quit after a short time cause classic is stupidly hard with features which could be in the classic game to make it a better game, not easier but better.
Anyway as long as you don’t like grinding to fly for example, as I do and as many people don’t like it, the game will be bad for us and will we will keep quitting after a short period.


Collar level :joy:


Source ?

That guy that left the team 11y ago and is streaming about classic ? Was vanilla dev not founder iirc.

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No they guy who left 1 year ago and there were some topics in forums about what he said that blizz has no gamers in its dev team atm.
Do some research. There are videos in YouTube from ppl who upload what he said.


Gonna check once i find a decent wifi, but it seems weird as i don’t remember any article about a founder leaving in bad terms (and gonna need context on what he calls gamer too)


It’s always been far off reality. Just think back to GC times. He obviously played a mage.



“Do some research?” Really? If you want anyone to take you even a bit seriously, do some yourself and put up some evidence.

There were three founders of Blizzard: Mike Morhaime, Allen Adham, and Frank Pearce. Alan Adham left but returned and is still working there. Frank Pearce retired a month ago. Mike Morhaime left about a year ago, so that tracks, but he certainly never said anything about "there are no gamers”.

Come up with evidence or stop presenting wild quotes.

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Since you don’t believe me, do the research by your self. I know what I read and what I saw. I really don’t care if anyone don’t believe me , besides is so crystal clear that activision has no wow gamers in dev team otherwise the game wouldn’t be so bad.


When leaving, he finally revealed his class and spec. Do you really want to stick with that guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you believe me that there is a teapot orbiting between Jupiter and Saturn? If you don’t believe me, do the research yourself.


See how silly it sounds?