I took a long break and I am a bit lost :-)

Hello everyone,

some days ago I decided to resubscribe to WoW and took the plunge :slight_smile:

I quit halfway through BfA so I completely skipped SL and jumped onto DF now that’s already more than one year that it’s running.

My aim, since I used to love WoW lore and stories, is to fill all the gaps I’ve left behind (story-wise) and at the same time enjoy DF.

I have basically 2 level 50 characters (BM Hunter and Havoc DH) and a Dracthyr.

I was thinking it could be nice to:

  • keep on with the story of BfA with a 50 char.
  • start SL with the other 50 one.
  • Enjoy DF with the Dracthyr.

Do you think it’s a viable option? Point is: how do I catch up with the story?
I mean, in the log I had a “blue story quest” I restarted from, which is when Horde invades Anglewharf. Am I doing it correctly? Also, since the char is lvl 50 (which I suppose is the cap level for BfA), wouldn’t it be wise to stop the xp gain, thus enjoying the challenge of the expansion (might already be too late, I think I got to 51 during last session :slight_smile: ). Is it still possible?

Instead, with the other, how am I supposed to start SL?

I’m not sure I’ve made myself clear, fact is things aren’t completely clear to me (plus, there’s Chromie with her timelines I am not sure how they work).

Thank you if you’ve read my message, I hope someone is kind enough to give me some precious heads up.


Welcome back!

Lot of different options and possibilities.

Battle for Azeroth is complicated, because the Horde and the Alliance have significantly different stories. Yes, they interact at various points, but … they’re not the same. So, depending how dedicated you are to the story, you will want one character on each faction to complete the BfA Campaigns.

Shadowlands is different. There is one overly-long, tedious, and often cringeworthy story reaching through the initial zones, and then through the endgame content, for all characters. And then there are four separate campaign stories, one with each of the four Covenants. One character can do them all, though, because once you hit Renown 80 with any Covenant, you can swap to another Covenant and do their campaign and activities.

So a lot depends how dedicated you are to seeing ALL of the story(/ies).

Your plan of one character for BfA, one for SL, and one for DF, makes perfect sense, except that you will see only one side of the BfA story, and honestly I am not sure I could split my time among three characters in three different expansions like that. If you can, that’s great, though.

You should be able to stop your XP at 51, and you won’t be monstrously overpowered, but mobs in BfA in Chromie Time scale to 60, so you shouldn’t need to.

Go see Chromie, outside Stormwind Embassy ot Orgrimmar Embassy, which will be marked on your map. Ask her to send you to Shadowlands. You will be scaled accordingly throughout your time there until you hit 60.


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