I transferd from golemag like a year ago

back the Bloodfang was pretty much 50/50 now 2021-01-06
There is only a 35% Hord poulation did hord leave after the steamer hype?

It kinda died down over time, was always ally favored

The current player percentage is 71% Alliance and 29% Horde. It depends on how you look at things, because it’s not that bad (ofc there are more and more gankers in OG, but we also have groups of rogues and feral droods ganking SW and IF and dispelling world buffs every few days. For most of us, this translates easily: many more gnomes to be massacred!

:frowning: im sure you get tons of Brothers back for tbc, those accounts is still on the server, had tons more fun when we have about the same ammount.

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