I want to attack ALLIANCE cities and places

I read a lot about the difference between normal and pr, but I didn’t understand the real difference
Excuse me, I’m new to the game
What I want to know specifically, is there a difference in facing the other race anywhere in the game according to servers
I want to attack ALLIANCE cities and places, I want more excitement in the game
What to choose to play, normal or pr

If you attack rp Stormwind, you may get mass reported by the rpers there. Whereas if you attack normal Stormwind you won’t likely be mass reported. On rp realms they are rp’ing in the city, and don’t like that being disrupted.

So it comes down to, do you want the fun of disrupting their rp but risk mass report. Or, just have fun messing with “normal” players that are unlikely to mass report, but might give you a fun whisper.

In fact, if you were to ask this innocent question in the AD forum, your post would also likely get mass reported.

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If you want pvp attack stormwind on a normal realm or elwynn forest dueling area

Why would they report him? That’s silly.

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Yup :slight_smile:

They don’t like PvP much.

Because you’re disturbing the RP and players don’t like that. Its like having a hunter who keeps pulling the mobs in a dungeon or placing misdirection on the healer before pulling a raid boss. Only difference is you can’t kick people from your server so reporting is what will be done instead.

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RP’ers are snowflakes on steroids.
Avoid Argent Dawn players at any cost, you been warned.


Attacking enemy city is a roleplay event on it’s own.

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Not unless it is planned by roleplayers and with that come pre set rules on the event.

So basically they can just move in and take over places claiming it’s their RP thing. I call that bullcrap. They can turn off warmode and RP all they want. Seems Marreant is right, frustrated snowflakes.


No that’s not the issue. even with WM off the rpers will still have an entire raid right in the middle of their roleplay. Nothing to do with snowflakes. Rp realms are for rp and players need to respect that. Also taking over places in rp is frowned upon.

RPers are absolute snowflakes, I was invited to a group a while back and happened to end up in an Argent Dawn shard. You can just look at someone funny or stand in the wrong place and you’ll get a tirade of vile abuse.

They are FAR more toxic than PvPers imo. I have no doubt they’d report anyone that spoils their scenery by attempting to instigate world PvP. Poor customer support must spend all day sorting through reports made by RPers!