I want to find a home

Hi. I have tried to find a guild for a long time now. I have tried writing on guild recruitment a couple of times but i feel its not the right people who reads it, because im not looking for a raiding guild. So i thought i might try here. Maybe you think its not the right forum to write in, but i am new, in a way. Im not new to the game, but i am very new to Shadowlands, dungeons, mythics and raids.

Thing is, i have pretty severe anxiety problems. Every time im going to Shadowlands i get very stressed. Most of the people are there and they are rushing here and there, its crowded, they kill stuff right in front of me. Instead of enjoy the story i feel i have to compete with others to kill stuff and do my quests.

Because i have had problems with questing in Shadowlands i havent been able to level to max and therefore not been able to try dungeons/raids either.
I want to find a guild with nice and understanding people, where i can get support so i can get to max level. I want to try dungeons too (if i get the courage for that).

I have aspergers and that have caused me trouble in the past.

  • Im very honest, i say whats on my mind. Too honest i have figured out.
  • Im very sensitive. I can overreact to very small things.
  • I get mentally tired. I can sometimes want to leave events because its too much for me. Most people usually dont understand this, i have noticed.
  • I often missunderstand peoples intentions, what they really want.

Because of these problems, i have been kicked from guilds a few times and lost so many friends. People havent been nice to me :frowning:. I want to find a guild that understands, where i can be myself, where i can find courage to try dungeons, where i can trust the people i have around me. I want to find a place i can call home, a guild where i feel proud with the guild name under my name. I want to enjoy being in a guild again. I want to find friends. I want to discover Shadowlands! :smiley:

But i need help. I need help to find a guild that fits me. Is there someone that can help me? :pleading_face:

If its the right people i can go anywhere, alliance/horde, any server.

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I can’t really help, but I do remember a discussion before about this very long running guild.

I have no idea what their situation is now but you might try making contact.

No, not that guild. That’s not a nice guild. For being a guild for people with anxiety it’s suprisingly not very understanding when people do misstakes caused by anxiety. :thinking:
But thank you for trying to help me Gráinne. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We are a small guild, we care about the person behind the keyboard and we are looking for more people.
you can read more about us here:

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