I want to find a home

Hi. I have tried to find a guild for a long time now. I havent found any where i feel i fit in, so i have played a little here and there.

Thing is, i have pretty severe anxiety problems. Every time im going to Shadowlands i get very stressed. Most of the people are there and they are rushing here and there, its crowded, they kill stuff right in front of me. Instead of enjoy the story i feel i have to compete with others to kill stuff and do my quests.

Because i have had problems with questing in Shadowlands i havent been able to level to max and therefore not been able to try dungeons/raids either.
I want to find a guild with nice and understanding people, where i can get support so i can get to max level. I want to try dungeons too (if i get the courage for that).

I have aspergers and that have caused me trouble in the past.

  • Im very honest, i say whats on my mind. Too honest i have figured out.
  • Im very sensitive. I can overreact to very small things.
  • I get mentally tired. I can sometimes want to leave events because its too much for me. Most people usually dont understand this, i have noticed.
  • I often missunderstand peoples intentions, what they really want.

Because of these problems, i have been kicked from guilds a few times and lost so many friends. People havent been nice to me :frowning:. I want to find a guild that understands, where i can be myself, where i can find courage to try dungeons, where i can trust the people i have around me. I want to find a place i can call home, a guild where i feel proud with the guild name under my name. I want to enjoy being in a guild again. I want to find friends. I want to discover Shadowlands! :smiley:

But i need help. I need help to find a guild that fits me. Is there someone that can help me? :pleading_face:

If its the right people i can go anywhere, alliance/horde, any server.



I also have Asperger’s, and can identify with some of the items you have listed. i am an active officer for a guild that’s very forgiving in its approach to players. we are very focused on allowing everyone to progress at their own pace and also help with this by running Raids and 5 man content at all levels of ability. why don’t you whisper me in game for a chat and see if we fit.

Hi Alýce,

Our guild has been around for quite a while and we have a very diverse group of people playing. We’re several LGBTQ members and a few people with autism and other conditions so we are pretty understanding while also being a little more strict than other guilds in terms of behaviour on public channels.

While the link below shows our serious raiding side we people at all skill levels and there’s generally someone always around to be helpful. We also understand people wanting to be left alone so we never pressure anyone.

We run no pressure alt raids where we take anyone who wants to learn as well as dungeon runs where people play classes they are not used to without being judged.

I’ve posted the link below so you can check out us. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions and no matter what I wish you the best of luck in your search for home. :slight_smile:

Hey! As a fellow person looking for a guild much like yours, I can’t offer you any help there but I genuinely want to say that I respect you a lot for this open and honest post, and that I feel for you, and that I really really hope you get to find the friendly and kind and patient guild that you’re looking for!


Hi Tigarr. Maybe you haven’t seen it, but i have sent you a friend request on battlenet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Alyce,
I didn’t get one. My Battlenet is Tigarr#2286. :slight_smile: Perhaps you used my Discord ID?


Scions of Winter
Argent Dawn EU

Ive recently started a new guild to create a good social community of relaxed people to enjoy the game together!

Wed love to have you join us! You can level/run dungeons/do battlegrounds at your own pace and myself and the officers can personally help you lvl at your own pace! We’d be about to support you through anything youde want to try :blush:

It’s not a guild where you will ever have to fear being kicked or the infamous ban hammer!

Were relaxed people who love to play the game with friends! We have discord and such also :grin: also even if you find a great guild that fits you elsewhere (they are out there haha!) youde be more than welcome to join the discord and chat/play wow with us anytime!

Guild info is at the top so feel free to find us ingame! Or contact me on my discord! manxofxarb#2551


Hi Zulzinzo. I joined Tigarrs guild but i cant stop thinking on your guild because its on my favorite server Argent Dawn. Do you think i can join your guilds discord and check it out?

Hi mate,

Of course! Anyone’s welcome to join the discord and play with us. It’s no problem at all! The guild fairly new so the discord is a little slow but myself and the officers are almost constantly available through it to chat and answer questions!

Messege me on discord if you like and we can go from there! :smiley:


My battlenet if you want to add me there is


Hello there im sorry you’ve been kicked from other guilds :frowning: We at The Petite Feet are completely accepting of everyone.

Feel free to check us out and contact me if you like to join our little family ~

For what it’s worth, I can definitely vouch for Alyce as very polite and kind and friendly. I think Archaic Order may be a little too big and overwhelming as we primarily raid (1M, 1HC and an alt fun raid team) and do M+ so it would be nice for them to be in a smaller more cosy guild.
Whatever happens Alyce, I hope you find an amazing guild :slight_smile:


I agree! Ive spoken to her personally also and tigarr is right she is very polite and friendly and she is definitely always welcome to spend some game time with me any time!

Also hope you find the right guild! :blush:


I’m still looking for a guild.
Preferably on Argent Dawn.

Hi there Alyce,
I am not going to advertise my guild here because I believe we’re a fairly large guild and the it may be a very big step, but…

I would like to say that you may always send me a friend invite to Thorck#2781 if you wish to play with more people that have the patience and can adjust to your own pace for quests or a dungeon even maybe.

I hope you’ll find a home in the game that fits you well :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see you again Thorck :slightly_smiling_face:. I think you know me as Nelle and i used to be in your guild. It wasn’t easy to leave your guild, because it is one of the nicest i have been in. I loved the family feeling in your guild. I left because i missed playing on Argent Dawn and someone close to me (who later abandoned me) convinced me to go back there. And i remember i had some anxiety related problems with the rules in the guild.
I don’t remember what i said when i left, so i don’t know what you think about me after leaving your guild. I have to say, i still think a lot on your guild. I often wonder if i did right to leave it. :thinking: