I want to learn to Tank

As a newbie eager to delve into the world of tanking, I find myself both excited and a bit apprehensive about taking on this challenging role. I’m on the lookout for seasoned tankers who are willing to share their expertise, offer advice, and guide me through so i can be a effective tank. My goal is to absorb as much information as possible to excel in this role. I’m focused on acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and practical experience to gradually build my confidence and skills in tanking, So i can be the best player i can be and enjoy high level end game content one day

Are you playing in Classic Wrath, or in Retail?

The general advice is similar, but there are quite some differences when it comes towards end-game tanking,

You need to know

  1. Your class/spec
  2. The dungeons/raids - mechanics, mobs, paths
  3. How players in dungeons (and raids) tend to act

You also probably need good addons that you are comfortable with. The same addons may not all be available in Classic, but things like

  • Deadly Boss Mods with the correct modules for the content you are doing, to give you warnings and timings
  • GTFO to tell you when you’re standing in bad stuff
  • Threat Plates, indicating your threat on nameplates
  • Method Dungeon Tools for routes if doing M+ in Retail
  • WeakAuras and some modules you will choose for your style and content

YouTube will deliver a lot of information, especially about the mechanics of the dungeons you are doing.

Here is a 5-part series about Tanking that is about the basic generic tanking skills rather than the specific classes or dungeons.

Pragmatic answer - ping me ingame or on battle.net and we can have a chat.

Short answer - start with basics like position (never turn your back to targets), understanding your Active Mitigation (consecration + shield of righteousness I presume?) and getting the feel of pulling basics (phase 1 gathering phase 2 mitigating phase 3 preparation for next pull). That will set you to get already starting results. Add knowledge when you are familiar with the starters to avoid being overwhelmed.

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