I want to play this Christmas but I don't know what

Hello, I am a wow player for a short time, where I have played on several servers and I have never reached the maximum level on any PJ. This Christmas I want to play again but after everything announced, I don’t know what would be the best option; retail (I don’t have the latest expansion) or classic (including classic, tbc, wotlk).

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Well that depends on what kind of experience you want. Retail and Classic are incredibly different, but are both very fun in their own right, they are both fairly populated so you don’t need to worry about one being dead (even though some will tell you they’re both dead).

I would say test each, seeing as you can play wow classic entirely just from a sub, the only thing is that retail is mostly about endgame content outside of visuals, which means you would need the new expansion if you wanna truly try it.

Off of a personal recommendation I’d say Retail first then classic if retail is too much or too confusing, cause it can get hard at times keeping an overview.

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And to add to the above, you can try both, really. While classic is entirely available with the sub you still have 60 levels and 8 expansions of content available on retail without buying current. Soo just honestly try each and see what works for you


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