I want to start TBC questline

Hello, i never played Tbc where do i start ? i thought i need to go through dark portal but i think i started warlords of draenor ?

You need to go through the green dark portal, red portal is WoD. Speak to Zidormi near the entrance to Blasted Lands to get into the old phase of it.

Talking to Zidormi will get you into the right phase.

To get a starting quest for TBC, you might wantto go talk to Chromie, just outside Orgrimmar Embassy in Org. You will seeit on your map.

However, at level 56, you will quickly gain enough XP to get to 60 (or is it 61 now?) and Chromie will recall you, which is annoying, but you can then just go back and finish your questing.

Thanks for answers :slight_smile: I found Chromie but i don’t see TBC option is it Portal to Outland one ?

Yes, Portal to Outland.

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I have one more question about level scaling , i’m 60 atm , and doing tbc questline, all mobs gonna be weak ? so i’m forced to play dragonflight ?

As lvl 60 the aimed content is Dragonflight (60-70), indeed.

I wish i knew that before leveling up to 60, strange how Blizzard doesn’t care to inform new players

The game would prompt you with a quest to join Dragonflight campaign, that’s their way to say “hi, you’re little high for the content you’re doing”

I deleted my char and starting with new one , will i have to do same quests i completed ? or i can continue where i left of :slight_smile:

A new character will not have done the same quests as the old one, so will have to do the same quests.

BTW, you didn’t have to delete your old character; you can have up to 60 characters on the go at the same time! You can Undelete it from the character screen.

You will have to redo the same quests. I’m not sure if the feature of highlighting main storyline quests are available in TBC but there are addons you can get which track the main story. Doing this will allow you to play more of the story before being kicked out i.e. don’t do the side-quests.

You can continue to play but I believe the mobs level will drop to 40 and you’ll get about 60xp per quest. Something like that. Your other option is to play Classic Cata, though that character wont be available on retail WoW.

Chromie in Stormwind or Orgrimmar