I would like to start adventure with Role-Play and I have some questions

Hello everyone

I’m Potatronus (or just Potato).

I just back to World of Warcraft (i played a long time ago some tbc then woltk, a little of bfa - but I didn’t like it).

I would like to start a new adventure, at role-play server, but also I would like to have some fun from playing normal wow activities (questing, dungeons, raids etc.)

Is it even possible?

If yes - which server would be best?

Next question: How is newbie-friendly wow’s role-play?

  • I have some experience RP (in game and pnp-rpg like blades in the dark, shadow of the demon lord, kult divinity lost or dungeon world). But in wow, I’m a virgin :stuck_out_tongue:. Definitely, I will need a lot of help with it.

(Yes, I know a basics of the lore - I played Warcraft 2, 3; some WoW but that’s all)

And the last but not least:
What does it look like with grammar? Let’s be honest i’m not native speaker (aand my school education was a sh*t, if not online games i wouldn’t be able to speak) but i know from the previous experience that writing RP is one of the best and most enjoyable way to master language. Can you live with it if someone is making grammar mistakes, or you’re just dying in front of the pc screen? Are people willing to help a little (idk write a correction on private message? How does it look like?)

Argent Dawn

I started rping a few months ago, I was decent enough with English but I didn’t master the grammar or vocabulary that well, I joined a guild and everyone has been super friendly with me and helped me improve, im still a newbie but im having a lots of fun with them.

Sure you can write it on the party chat or /w the person you’re rping with, but I would recommend avoiding grammar errors in general, use google translator if you need to, and take your time!

You can just ignore Shadowlands.

Also, don’t forget to get TRP 3, it’s a must have addon for RP.
Have fun!

If you let people know you are new to roleplay in WoW, they should be more patient and forgiving with possible errors you might make.

When you start RPing with someone, you can let them know in a /whisper message, or you can write it in an AddOn for roleplaying (typically MRP - MyRolePlay, or


If you are unsure about some of the lore, the video Elrian linked is nice for getting the ‘big picture’, and Nobbel7 and Doronsmovies on YouTube have lots of videos about various parts of the lore and roleplaying, and there are others as well.

There are even videos with tips and advice on how you can roleplay a certain race or class.

As for server, I want to recommend the cluster I play on, Moonglade / Steamwheedle Cartel / The Sha’tar, but our population is low, so the chance of getting good amounts of RP and raiding will be higher on servers with higher population.

I believe Argent Dawn is still the highest populated European RP server, but I have read that some people have experienced the RP environment there as harsh and unkind. Don’t take my hearsay word for it, though.

If Elrian is happy there, I don’t see why you wouldn’t also be :slightly_smiling_face:

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