I3 4130 vs i5 4460 with GT1030

Hey, Currently I’m using I3+GT1030 setup but in dungeons like Spires of Ascension or in Oribos i have huge FPS drops like to 29-40 even on low settings. Am I right that it can be mostly fault by a CPU? I’m planning to replace it with i5-4460 is it worth it? + currently it’s 8 GB of RAM i want to extend it to 10-12 GB.

Unfornately for now I can’t put in better GPU.

You need a better pc.

system requirements for wow shadowlands:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel Core i7-6700K / AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
  • GeForce GTX 1080 / Radeon RX Vega 64
  • DirectX 12-compatible GPU with 8 GB VRAM
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 100 GB SSD
  • Multi-button mouse with scrolling wheel

Spires have a bug that causes the game to dump the GPU with excess shading work - CPU won’t help there that much if at all. Oribos is quite complex and requires > 8GB of RAM overall.

If you have 1x8GB RAM then add another 8GB stick. If you have 2x4 then add another 2x4.

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U just gave me requirements. I know them. I’ve excepted answer from someone who have similar configuration.

I’m running i3 8350k with a gtx 1060 3GB and I have no problems running on ultra with vsync enabled at 60hz.

The i5 your looking at is a 4th gen cpu… you may want to look at something a bit more recent, especially if your wanting to upgrade to windows 11 which (at the moment) isnt supporting anything older than 8th gen. Also 16 GB ram seems to be the sweet spot. The only zone i drop to around 40fps is Ardenwield.

And anyone who buys a scalped GPU is going to pay through the nose, wait until the LHR gpu’s have flooded the market then they’ll get back to where they should be on price :slight_smile: £700+ for a xx60 nvidia card is daylight robbery if you ask me lol

Ryzen APUs are a transitional solution right now. You can play WoW on them without dGPU. It won’t rock high settings, but it works and you can add dGPU later when prices chill.

I can’t get newer CPU because of a motherboard. I just asked how about this CPU vs mentioned i3.

I do not think you would see that much of an improvement, your GPU would need to be upgraded too, maybe check some used cards like gtx 960,970, gtx 1050ti etc. As all new cards are crazy expensive due to crypto miners. Even used one Gtx 960 if you manage to get it will give you stable 60 fps in every content on low setting+full hd.With that I5 upgraded CPU ofc. I play Mostly on gaming laptop now but i still have my old desktop with gtx 970+i5 6600 and it can run game on low-med setting combo 60 fps even in raids.So that 960 would handle low setting 60-70 fps with no issue perhaps some even cranked slightly higher like distance,resolution etc.

I can’t get more because of little SFF case :slight_smile: i think there should be some better performance. That’s still 2 vs 4 cores.

Yes you will get like extra 10 fps with that cpu upgrade at best.

GTX 1060 is more then capable of doing good with very good CPU but for next expansion i think will it be better have performance GTX 1070/1080 for 1080p ofc…:)) so i would not put GTX 1080 for requierements not even at ultra i had 1060 and i had all the time 60+fps on Ultra settings… sometimes it dipped to like 55 fps at the most. But yeah i upgraded to RTX 3080 with 5900X so that will be fine for next expansions especially its super experience on 240hz G-Sync panel its dream come true:)

Depends how much you will pay for 4460, if you can get an e3-1230v3 (or higher for 1150 socket) and your motherboard will work with it in the same price I would go with that. I was running on i5-3470, that is within 5% of 4460 and it was ok, but it lacked a lot when you had over 15 man in raids and/or discord and like youtube or spotify on at the same time. Otherwise it’s really nice upgrade, you get additional cores that will benefit you a lot.
If you want to get the most, you unfortunatly would need to get much newer parts, like Ryzen 1600 AF and 1050Ti for a good start

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