IC Poem - Story of the Tauren

Hello Folks, a couple of years ago I wrote a poem intended to tell the story of the (Kalimdor) Tauren. It was intended to be told in characer as a form of oral storytelling as I imagine the Tauren would have, and works best spoken/lightly sang to a simple drumbeat (I imagined my character using the kind of hide handheld drum some Native Americans use IRL).

I performed it once (using the Musician addon for the drum) and the people I was RPing with really seemed to like it, so I thought i’d share it here for any and all Tauren Roleplayers (or even Blizz themselves) to use for RP. I described it IC as the Dawnchaser Tribes oral take of Tauren History, and people are more than welcome to modify it to be their tribes take on the same events (as so often happens with purely oral storytelling).

Here it is:

"An’she and Mu’sha, Her eyes up on high.

We Praise our Earth Mother, and old Father Sky.

Our people, Shu’halo, have long roamed the plains.

Of ancient kalimdor, and what now remains.

There once was a valley, most verdant and wide.

Birthplace of the Centaur, now nought grows inside.

From this desolation, our foes chased us far.

Through mountain and jungle, all lands under star.

Then one day Young Bloodhoof, our future High Chief,

He raised high his totem, and gave Centaur grief.

In desperate battle, he took to our foes.

It was at this moment, kind Earth Mother chose,

To send us new allies, these Orcs from the East.

They tore through the Centaur, like a furious beast.

And from that new union, with Orc and with Troll.

Our great Horde was founded, with their leader Thrall.

With Centaur defeated, young Bloodhoof did found,

A home for our people, on green hallowed ground.

This new home in Mulgore, Thunderbluff did he call.

A place for all Tauren, for tribes one and all."

  • By Hunpada Dawnchaser, Dawnchaser Tribe, Pandaria.
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