Icc and heroic mode?

Can you jump straight into Heroic mode, or do you need to clear normal mode first, like Originally?

Normal and HC mode is unlocked from the get-go. ICC will be available 2 days after the patch…

… However there’s a catch as usual. You may only complete one of either versions (N/HC) per weekly lockout and in addition, if I remember correctly, only 50 attempts may be pulled before you’re locked out.


Only for heroic wing bosses and heroic LK (Blood-Queen, Prof, Sindra and LK). You are free to wipe as much as you want on normal mode and other heroic bosses.

We’ll see if its the same as original closer to or at release!

We already know, it was on the PTR.


Keep in mind that you can wipe as much as you want on normal.

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