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Hello first of all my english is not perfect my problem is I love taurens I want to play their iconic class I mean most fitting class to tauren normaly I was playing shaman but shamans are like orc thing even the title you get from order hall is Farseer :frowning: in the other hand there is a druid but when I checked this post https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/was-tauren-druid-a-balance-or-lore-decision/15473 its looks like tauren have druids only for balancing factions so right now I dont know what class to play with my tauren can you guys help me please ?

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The real-world parallel to the Tauren society, I think, would be “totemism”, which translated into Warcraft would make both shamans and druids quite close to the essence of Tauren as a people, as it’s all about a spiritual connection to the elements and to nature itself.


In Warcraft 3 TFT, one of the new Orcish/Horde units was the Tauren Spirit Walker. Pretty sure that all of this unit’s abilities are now shaman ones. I’d say Tauren shaman is still a very strong archetype (especially healer spec), I’d go as far as to say that heritage armor fits shamans the best! :slightly_smiling_face:


Shamans and Hunter for me represent the Tauren best. Druids work too, but then you play mostly an animal / tree, not the Tauren itself.


I have 2 tauren alts, a regular (Mulgore) tauren who is a shaman and a Highmountain tauren who is a druid. This happened by accident as in that I wasn’t really going for a specific class with the race I just simply ended up with these combinations.
My shaman tauren is the first alt I ever made because I wanted a melee fighter (enhancement) because my main is a caster.
I honestly don’t enjoy the casting animations for tauren and they are also pretty big so I guess warrior could work too but that’s just off the top of my head with absolutely no regard for lore.
Eta I don’t even know if you can choose warrior for tauren…
Also, classes are identical in game because of gameplay reasons, but in lore this differs greatly.

I don’t have an answer for you, but I’m glad to see someone else thinks about things like this.

I definitely think that Blizzard needs to refresh the specs and the classes, especially now with all the allied races. A few races, such as the orcs, have an abundance of classes (specs) based primary on their lore. Others, such as gnomes and goblins for example only fit perfectly with a certain spec of one class. Or like someone wrote in the thread you linked; why isn’t there a priest spec that relates to night elf culture and Elune?

I’ve been trying to make a list based on the idea that every race has its unique match with a certain spec, that would solve the tauren question, but I’m stuck.

Blizzard’s balancing is rather infamous. So maybe that’s for the better. However, adding some story bits explaining different cultures and views on classes, etc., could be a welcome addition.

Not sure if race or class specific archaeology part would be a good idea, but it’s ok as example IMO.

gl hf

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I would also throw Warrior into the Ring because the Tauren Chieftain and the regular Tauren were pretty much Warriors. So with a Warrior you can get the Heritage Set and Transmog a Spear or Halberd? and go with the Cairne Look.


Shamans, Druids and Hunters would be perfect for Tauren.

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On one hand I’d be totally up for that, on the other though, there are 9 classes with a total of 27 specs in the game and we’ve all seen what a mess balance is. Imagine if they started adding other race based sub class variations, you can see where this is going.

Lore wise though absolutely the list is pretty substantial:

  • Tauren Sun Warriors and Sun Priests, essentially the Sunwalkers that worship An’she (paladin & priest).
  • Troll Witch Doctors, essentially a variation of Shamans with a small touch of Priest, and troll Head Hunters. The latter I can only describe it as a combination of fury warrior and survival hunter.
  • Blood Knights, the order of Paladins and Priests Blood Elves come from.
  • Kul’Tiran Hydromancers, essentially what human shamans are.
  • Tinkerers, basically the engineer meets marksmanship hunter that suits all the Goblins and Gnomes.
  • Priest of Elune are essentially like regular priests but have some spells that are covered by balance druids.
  • Wardens feel like they should be their very own class, to me they seem like plate wearing rogues that also wield some magic (yayyyks!!!).

And the list goes on… All of these would be lovely to have but probably will never be implemented for very obvious balance reasons.

That being said, the fantasy aspect of alluding to such race based fantasies could be very easily facilitated with the following two additions:

  1. Add way more heritage armor sets per race that would suit various class/race combos. Also heritage weapons, like come on, not every blade has to be some giant rune infused, diamond encrusted, flame spitting ergonomic nightmare.

  2. Add race/class specific animations. No need to rework entire classes to fit a race specific fantasy, just make avenging wrath look different on a Tauren paladin, something a bit more tribal and sun worshiping like instead of angelic / holy light looking. Done. Can even make these completely optional by simply adding them to inscription.


Survival Hunters.

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druid or shamans taurens are deeply spiritual people, much like the orcs were before the whole bloodhaze thing

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Warrior and hunter for the “muscle” of their society.
Shaman and druid for spiritual leaders and healers.


So essentially, the 4 original classes Taurens could be in vanilla, how curious, almost as if things were simpler back then… :wink:

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The choice is obvious

Don’t listen to what others say. What feels right for you?

Tauren Druids:

Forestlord and the first Druids
In time, the child, Cenarius, grew to the stature of his proud father. A brother to both the trees and the stars, the great hunter roamed the far places of the world, singing the harmonious songs of the dawning. All creatures bowed before his grace and beauty - there were none so cunning as the son of the moon and the white stag.
Eventually, Cenarius befriended the Shu’halo and spoke to them of the turning world. The children of the earth knew him as brother and swore to help him care for the fields of life and the favored creatures of their great Earthmother.
Cenarius taught the children of the earth to speak to the trees and plants. The Shu’halo became druids and worked great deeds of magic to nurse the land to health. For many generation the Shu’halo hunted with Cenarius and kept the world safe from the shadows that stirred beneath it.


Shamanism has existed since the sapient races first discovered the power of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. On Draenor, now shattered Outland, the orcs were shamanistic; on Azeroth, trolls and tauren were shamanistic.

Besides that I think that Hunter and Warriors (Warbraves) fit the Taurens as well.

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Warcraft 3, Cairne could reincarnate which is a Shaman skill, and Tauren Spiritwalkers look like Shamans to me. I think Cairne was a mix of a Shaman and a Warrior, seeing as he could shockwave aswell, alongside his tauren stomp racial.

I think Shaman is your best pick… don’t think too much about the classes. That’s just Blizzard being out of touch with their old lore, a thing that’s a fact since Metzen and Samwise left the scene.

Edit: Also, the totems Orcs and Trolls use in Vanilla WoW were of Tauren design… so it’s safe to say Tauren are the OG Shamans of the Horde!


I’ve often pondered about the RP racial classes of warcraft and this is what I think fits most - specifically the 4 starting races of each faction (Im not including the additional races added by expacs)

Orcish warrior
Tauren Shaman
Troll Priest
Undead Warlock
Human Paladin
Dwarf Hunter
Gnome Mage
Night Elf Druid

Yes there are other combos that work from a lore perspective but for me I think this is the most fitting for each race.

Warriors and shamans are the most iconic.

Warriors for something like a Tuaren / Chieftain from WC 3 and Shamans for a Tauren Spirit Walker.
Hunters are ok too, but the class is a bit different from Tauren hunters.

Not Druids.

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