If every class got a new spec, what would you want?

Hunter spec flavoured around muskets and being a Rifleman in general. Right now there is too much emphasis on bows for my taste.

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I always liked the Mage Tank spec in the game Rift, using Arcane Barriers etc to survive.

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Yes there is. Primal druids. Forget about casting lame astral magic and say hello to toxic spores, choking vines, strangling roots, the encroaching entanglement that drags the unwary away from their light and into the hungry, savage dark. Their suffocating screams the only testament to their brutal demise before it is silenced and replaced by eary quiet and the rustling of nature in the shadowy dark.

Necromancer DK.

A better version of demo lock.

We can steal some iconic spell from warlocks to make it happen…

Fungal druid.

Or northen druids. (What the Drust druids should have been imo)


I also have a idea for a 4th mage specc.

I could actually see this, we already have pretty tanky pets options, just create some sort of talent tree to make it so that the pets are basically literal tanks.

The hunter would die if the pets died in the same way it can now. Tank mechanics would attack the pets, and the hunter would use defensives and heals to keep the pets alive. Pet attacks would generate threat.

Dk =necromancer /dps
Rouge=spymaster/dps/ way better for hiding and one shotting
Mage= fell infusion/dps/using all kind of fell magic
Monk=Dragon Dance/ dps
Hunter=beastborn/ tank
Dh=soul eater / healer/ healing your target with the soul magic
Shaman=??? never played this
Druid= noo need for this just a good rework for druid
Warlock= witchcraft / half dps /half tank using envitoment to hid and fight like horror movies
Evoker= Siege Breaker / tank witha new bigger form like those big dragon gaurds in valderaken

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Evoker tank, with bronze and black spells, so I would actually play it.

Ranged Monk spec revolving around lightnings and Chi throwing. Optionally, make it Shado-Pan themed with ranged weapons as a primary. Hunters have it exclusively for too long at this point.

It would be just great to have another DPS Monk spec for blizzard to break and abandon it every other expansion…I have no high hopes for it tho. A man can dream.

Just a few things:


DH dps…maybe ranged…
We ve been waiting for so long for our 3rd spec that seems like it will never happen but one can wish.

Monk: Zen Archer (physical ranged DPS), another bows enjoyer
Mage: Spell Breaker (melee support DPS), should be able to equip new intellect-based glaives (and possibly shields)
Warlock: Temptation (magic support DPS), with Meta 2.0 that doesn’t change you into no demon physically, only grafts into you some of their abilities
Hunter: Deep Stalker (magic melee DPS), enhanced camouflage and nerubian-like void-induced stealth abilities that fit War Within theme
Druid: Enchanter (magic support DPS), enthralls allies to fight better and bewitches enemies to fight worse, with some subtle witch/Drust undertones and no additional forms OR Swarmkeeper (physical close distance ranged DPS), who turns into some poisonous bug, spider, or scorpion
Warrior: Champion (melee support DPS), utilizes banners and battle standards with various effects, can equip polearm with a shield
Rogue: Void Doppelganger (magic melee DPS), Stealth turns into Change Form, stuns turn into fear and incapacitation
Death Knight: Domination (magic ranged DPS), pure Death sorcery that Ebon Knights just got out from the depths of Shadowlands
Shaman & Evoker: obligatory mail-wearing tank specs
Paladin & Priest: whatever Holy shenanigans Arathor will teach them

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Warrior that can dual wield guns.

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heal spec for DH would be interest

I would like to see Gladiator Warrior from WoD make a return

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Pathfinder archetype, cool

Shaman Tank would be good

Was also thinking of a ranged warrior spec like Axe thrower or something you mention with 2 cannons lol

Holy dps spec that’s not as clunky as shadow priest and is about direct damage rather than dots.

Actually I was thinking about that scene from Dawn the Planet of the Apes when that chimp jumps on a horse grabs a m-16 in each hand and starts shooting on full auto. Something like that.