If only we listened to Jaina

Did you people know that, in the novel Tides of War, shortly after Theramore’s Fall, Jaina approached the Council of Six for help against the Horde, and asked them what they’d do in a theoretical situation where the Horde burned Teldrassil?

Well, fast-forward to BfA pre-patch, and what do you get?

In fact that’s probably why Jaina made this expression when she heard Anduin say that Sylvanas burned Teldrassil:


She’s basically connecting all the dots in her mind, and realizing that that hypothetical scenario she presented to the Council years ago, actually came true…

If only the Alliance, Kirin Tor, and Horde revolutionaries had listened to Jaina, then so much could have been avoided! Teldrassil could have been saved and the Jailer’s plan could have been thwarted before it was even set in motion.

Jaina really is intelligent, she alone could predict that this tragedy would occur, while the rest of the world was shocked. Jaina knew from the beginning, yet did anyone actually listen to her? Nope. I bet they’re all regretting it now.


heh really daelinna this is a bait thread

If only NEs hadn’t been as stupid as to grow another World Tree.
See, Malfurion was right all along, that thing did eventually spell doom on the entire race.

Shame on the Alliance and the Night elves for not listening to his wise advice.

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Shame the humans didn’t wipe your entire disgusting faction when they had the chance


No it’s not, why would I make a bait thread on a dead subforum LOLOL.

If only the NEs hadn’t been so stupid to sacrifice their true World Tree to save the entire world including the wretched races within the Horde.

What did they get in gratitude? Genocide, permanent war, the Horde alwasy violating night elven borders and illegal lumber operations.

Shame on the Horde for repaying a debt like that in such a way.

Sometimes I just like stirring the pot, y’know?

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Think this pot is so stirred that the ingredients has mulched into something indescribable.

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Stupid indeed.
I mean, they could’ve detonated the wisps elsewhere to avoid destroying the tree too, but well…elves :man_shrugging:

U mad? :nail_care:

Still fearing for Turalyon, Arctur? Is that why you get so pissy with a fictional character like Sylvanas?


I mean, when the lone regulars here are the likes of OP, Northundra and Erevien…what else did you expect?

Might aswell lay back and enjoy the ride.

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