If removing the problematic stuff allows Priest to have actual power and good abilites then im fine with

With all of these changes to priest with lack of CC and so much all due to Pvp balancing and other things why not just nerf or remove what makes priest so utterly broken and takes all of the power fanasty away. PI talent does nothing for all specs outside of shadow since holy/disc have no benefit from getting that much haste unlike those flithy demo locks. Having no shining force, having no interrupt, and no actual mobility all due to pvp balancing is just dumb if it takes removing or not allowing some stuff that will make priest broken in pvp to make sure that priest toolkit isnt gutted im fine with that

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Remove mind flay and mind sear and play this m+ is dead for shadow tho we got no cleave they should make Nzoth pro on mind blast mind spike/mind flay instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

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