If somebody leaves, the other team SHOULDN'T LOSE RATING

I just had a situation where a healer went 0:5 and unfortunately i played the first 2 games against him, then 3 games loss with him. He then left on the 6th game meaning I went 2 wins, 3 losses and I lose 39 rating.

Why is this fair?

I should have gone 3:3 like every other dps but because he decided to AFK. 2 of us went 2:3 and lost rating.

It’s so toxic and should not be a thing.


Because instead of going with your friends, you went with randoms that can’t be trusted and you do so at your own risk?

I know that’s the annoying answer, but I felt we needed to put it out there.

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that is how it used to work, everyone gain 0, and everyone lose 0, if someone leave, but people wanted to gain rating the times someone left and they were winning, that means, people will authomatically also lose rating if they were losing and someone left, regardless of what couldv ebeen the outcome

so yeah, if u get someone playing bad, and he plays bad and u lose with him, and then when he is in the enmy team he quits, u lose twice

Its sad. But it doesnt matter.

If you are better, you will win most lobbies until you hit your skill barrier. When you are better you can cover yhe mistakes of lower

Also you loose some this way, you win some

this is the dumbest response ever on a situation like this.

Solo shuffle means solo. what part in solo dont you get.

All of them quit when Legion removed 1/3 of their spellbook though.

You que solo. Every round you can
Comunicate and play with 2 teamm mates to win.

Also you can assert after every round who plays good, smart or has a bad game.

If people achiev 2.5k solo shuff, that means if u are verry low rated there are many other things that you dont do well enough, to grow :innocent:

Thats the reality

bro , 95 % has chat off in solo, theres even an addon for it

2 weeks ago i had the same mindset and was 1200.

Changed my mindset and tactics now im almost 1900.

I know im not pro. But with this player base and solo s chaos, i”’m kinda proud.

I”m not saying this to brag, if i did this, with effort, patience and a change of tactics you can do it also.

The only downside, and i agree, is that as a dps the que times are verry long and you have less oportunities to practice🤗

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