If they want World PVP to happen then they need to phase max levels

The reason most people don’t bother with open world pvp imo is because level 70’s get geared really quick and the difference between a moderately geared max level and everyone else is so insane that most players don’t want to have open world pvp on while leveling because it’s just un fun to be constantly ganked by someone THAT much more powerful. I think Open world PVP would be much more enjoyable for ALL players if max level is phased off from everyone else.

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I mean it is indeed a solution but again World PvP hate it or love it always have been like this and never been balanced, so to say.
And I realistically doubt anyone would bother putting resources into making this change.
As for gearing being fast, so is leveling so level quickly and gear up.
And if a little bumkicking scares you- just leave the zone or turn warmode off.


the reason wpvp doesn’t happen is because warmode exists.


That’s exactly what is happening though, people are turning off war mode because it’s not enjoyable being 1 shot constantly every 5m.

In O.G wow you did get ganked, it was rarer than it is in retail war mode. In O.G wow you had to go out of your way to go to a levelling area, in retail you have world events bringing max level players into the area’s of levelling players. So now you’ve got a bunch of bored high geared people waiting for an event and they just go slaughter low levels to pass the time.

Separating WAR mode 70’s from every other level would by enlarge fix this and you would likely see alot more people with WAR mode on doing open world pvp

Excuse me what??? World PvP IS happening… What are you talking about??

Thank god Warmode exists, I was on a “PvE” server and I didn’t get to wPvP whatsoever…

the wpvp that is happening is extremely one sided, except for the FFA area for farming bloody tokens in the preseason and the first 2 weeks of the season aka now, then its dead.
dead, or literal 20v1 camp graveyard zones, because of how the Warmode system operates, and how many people opt out of warmode, like, anytime u have to do a community thing its 100 times easier faster and better do it wm on, u can crossfaction progress without the risk to die and do it faster
Not my ideal gameplay, warmode is one of the worst thing that ever happened to this game, it turned a slightly unbalanced game in an absolute camp zerg fiesta 10 times more unbalanced and worthless to even try.

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I played during the first patch then I had a break and didn’t play 10.1. pretty sure wPvP was alive even one moth later. But we will see how things will go the next two weeks. For now, wPvP is pretty much alive. I spent 12 hours in Cobalt Assembly last Sunday and it was full of people all these 12 hours. Just a small part of the fun I had:

https:/ /www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKlMDrEHkC4

I played in a PvP server for a short time during Legion, it was not any better than it is now. Horde was dominating Alliance hard. With Warmode, I do not know why, but I see less of that btw. Also, no matter what you do there will be no true balance in wPvP, nor it should be.

How you cross factions in wPvP? I kinda lost you there…

As I have already said, BFA revived wPvP for me. We had 40 vs 40 wPvP action every time a faction invasion was happening in a zone. I experienced it and it was the most fun I had till that time. The only problem is that numbers often got too high and we experienced zone-wide lags… Our experiences differ vastly it seems.

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u can crossfaction progress objectives, not wpvp, im saying ALOT of people turned warmode off, because its way healthier for their game, but at the cost of literal 80% of the wpvp base population

was that range from the clip from increasce mastery power ?

also yeah, all horde zerging grave, then all alliance zerging grave, then all horde zerging grave again, over and over, 40-50 v 1

aside from that literal cheat with 400 yards snipershot u just did, people legit cannot do a decent fight, because they will be just overrun with people

during legion u had big disparities, but your “temmates” couldn’t have the option of turning warmode off, so their only option was to fight, creating a somewhat unbalanced 10v5 scenarios, or 20v10


ill say it forever, warmode, is the death of wpvp. people shouldn’t have the option to opt in and out, because it directly affects everyone else.

and the reason u see less, is because alliance have been spoonfed free rewards for multiple years for enabling warmode, because they were the “poor losing faction” started in bfa, when it was clear warmode was a failure, because every alliance turned it off instantly, and we had to wait until blizz gave them, free heroic gpieces of gear

and what did that solve ? tons of people, picking the quest up, enabling warmode, grouping up in full fledged raids, camping the 1-2 hordes they could find, making THEM turn warmode on, and then, they turn warmode off again theymself too.

warmode is just a toxic system that has as the sole defense the classic “let people do what they want”

ah man, if only people rly knew what they wanted heh?

Ah ok I get what you wanted to say now. But people who leave warmode on regardless are the people who are truly interested in the wPvP experience. The others just want to farm/do their objectives and be done with it. Would it really benefit the wPvP community if you forcefully brought other players into PvP as well?

Yes, but it’s no easy to pull off by any means which is why you don’t see the wall full of MM hunters sniping people. Also the yeards were 130 for your information. xD

Let’s face it, wPvP is not about having a “decent fight” it was never about decent fights. For decent fights you have arenas and BGs. There cab be no balance in wPvP due to the sheer amount of variables you need to factor in.

That’s not what happened there though? Yes sometimes this happen and other times the team are more balanced. Did you see it becoming aby better on a PvP server. Once a Horde dominated server ALWAYS a Horde dominated server… Never seen Alliance players trying to defend against the Horde. Only Hordes who had their way with them and Alliance who had no way to defend themselves other than change servers. It was awful.

No it’s because Alliance IS the “poor losing faction” as there is a faction imbalance and most servers ad been Horde dominated.

That’s not what happened in my experience. Mostly you would see 3-5 man hunting parties killing any player form the opposite faction. Was it still unbalanced? Yes. But these world quests gave the players a direction as to when to PvP and an easy button to create parties.

Forcing people into doing what they don’t want is even more toxic arguably. There would be a massive uproar. Better create fun wPvP activities like the one in Cobalt Assembly a d let the players decide for themselves what they want to do.

alliance is the poor losing faction
except they win most normal bgs, and they are dominating every rated pvp content, i didn’t check pve

also they farm people in warmode way more often since dragonflight dropped.

Sorry I have exactly the opposite experience of what you are describing right now.

FACT is that there is a faction unbalance in favour of the Horde though in both player count, and in other ways as well.

no, only player count, because people like and prefer playing horde for the most part

but alliance gets infinite more benefits to make it more “fair”

check any data, u will see alliance is dominating everywhere…

I don’t vet what your unreliable data says. That’s not the experience I am having where everything is Horde controlled 90% of the time.

Also if Blizz was far we would have playable Alliance Silver Covenant High Elvesages ago. Instead we got the middle finger with the void elves.

Sorry the Alliance got nothing more than a well deserved server wide buff on rewards for having warmode on. Because when there are 100 warmode Hordes vs 10 warmode Alliance players in a server, these 10 Alliance players need a good incentive to keep their warmode on and the %buff on rewards is a nice solution.

There is plenty of Horde favoristim in the game. Just see how the Sylvanas situation was handled as well with the extra quests, choices and flavour. Wish we had something like that as Alliance.

Seeing Hordes complaining about Alliance is revolting. I could go on and on about how Horde is favoured over the Alliance or that there is an obvious faction imbalance in numbers. But you will see only what you want to see just to complain.

Back to the topic though, wPvP is fine right now and better than it ever was in my server. We need more hubs like the one in Cobalt Assembly and more events like the supply drops. That’s what we need, not delete Warmode and go back to the dark ages of zero wPvP…

u talking lore, im talking literal items and resources, im done discussing this, another delusional player.

I am talking gameplay, flavour and customization options. Not just “lore”.

Less delusional than thinking wPvP is dead or that it could ever be balanced in any form or way.

W-PvP died when they introduced Warmode and killed PvP servers. End of story. Modern Blizzard is not even aware that it’s an issue on EU. You pick some random high pop realm and you might phase and find people to fight against. If you picked wrong low pop realm for some reason you will never phase and meet anyone.

WoW died when 5.4 ended.

When I get a new lvl 60 character to the Dragon Isles for the first time, I see lvl 70s as the best trophy in my collection. :smiling_imp:

I always play classes that has utility which is fun for WPvP, and I especially love being a lvl 60, griefing a lvl 70 player, by constantly farming them over and over again through fall dmg kills.

I will go toe to toe with a player, and kill them 8 times through roots and fall dmg, before they manage to kill me once…

I LOVE the inbalance in lvls, and I hope it always stays that way. :+1:

If players don’t like unbalanced PvP, they can either “get good”, or turn off WM. :raised_hands:

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