If WoW 2 ever happens what would you like to see changed/implemented?


Consistent Weapon Scale on ALL races.
Smaller Shoulderpads.
More customization in general.
No flying.
Fewer mounts, but have mount customization(Saddles, features, armor etc).
No RNG, you get tokens for completing things that you can spend on items from vendors that you want.
More racial armors.
More 3D chest armors.
Underground areas that require you to wield torches.
Larger areas with actual towns and outposts, not 2 buildings and calling it a town.
Fewer levels.
Less elaborate armors and weapons.
Better animations… I have been spoiled by Red Dead Redemption 2s animations, and now want everything to be on par with that =P

I could keep going, but no one wants to read a massive wall of text.


Was not aware FF14 was storydriven to the same extent as SWTOR.

(Shumensko) #23

Well, not everything has voice overs, but to some extent it’s even bigger than SWTOR - almost everything is gated behind finishing main story.


Interesting… I’ll look into this… Thanks.

(Shumensko) #25

The longest cutscene I’ve seen was ~45 minutes. At least the game warns you about it. You can skip them though and watch them later in an inn(maybe in your house too, but I don’t have one, so I don’t really know)


Why are people talking about wow 2?


45 minutes? Dang… That’s an episode of an HBO series in length…


Action Combat that is engaging, way better character customization, housing and not stupid dated AI.

(Erevien) #29

Better gameplay engine, better graphic engine, bigger world scales(current world is ridiciously scaled down) zones revamped and being visited at the start.of the next game. WoW is so ancient you need to overhaul the entire system first before anything else comes(like classes and stuff).


No need for a WoW 2. They can pretty much change any and all aspects of the current game if they want including graphics, game engine etc…

Only benefit of having a WoW 2 would be marketing and of course box sales.

(Gannet) #31

Having everything gated behind a story, which sometimes requires dungeons, doesn’t make the game any better or even “story focused”.
I seriously don’t know what you’re basing the claim that people in FF14 are motivated to play by the story, which i found it less compelling than SWTOR. At one point the amount of back to back cutscenes actually makes it annoying.

(Nimrhys) #32

Nah. That isn’t WoW. I’d prefer a more Overwatch art style. Maybe a little more interaction with combat but tbh I find it fine. I just want WoW without HvA and maybe a time skip.

(Shumensko) #33

I never claimed that. I said that the story is comparable or even more than in SWTOR. Personally, I mostly play it for the story and for the crafting.


That is kind of subjective because i personally like wow’s combat or precisely liked old wow combat better not a fan of action rpg over the top jumping every where combat style.


Upgrading their graphics to the Unreal engine would not only kill the style wow is known for but also make sure that most players are unable to play the game.

Graphics will never make the game better, maybe prettier…at best.

Raid bosses change per boss/raid. Some stand in one place, others need to be moved or have a more mobile phase.


The story from World of Warcraft 2 and 3… as Expansions :scream:
Races and Factions


I don’t think the Unreal Engine is the answer for WoW’s future, but I can definitely respect the direction.

In fact I agree with it: something like Halo 4 or Destiny 2, but alas those are Bungie’s own creations.

So maybe Blizz can create something new as well, wouldn’t be too bad.


I want WoW actually in my head (not vr) instead of on a screen, maybe WoW 3.0

(Nithsethel) #39

Wow 2 , the Musical, combat and raids removed in favour of catchy sing a long songs on all your favourite characters, mini games to unlock more songs which can be done from a mission table.


Well, you picked up the most story driven MMO ever :smiley:

I mean at least some story would be nice, but all the other content has preference right now, while in Nazjatar, where there are almost limitless opportunities, the story questline is very lacking.