Illusion Enchants for Bows / Guns / Crossbows

With all the changes that have taken place over the past few months with grey & white transmogable items, Balance of Power being account wide, trading post, and much more… I really think it’s about time (and the technology is there) for those weapons to be able to have illusion enchants applied! Especially when part of their heroic and epic bundles for new expansions include weapon enchants as selling points, let alone prizes for high end content like PvP. A massive chunk of playerbase is basically given nothing for their time and/or money in that case.

I do not know why these have been left in the dust, all I can put it down to is hunter hate by Blizzard… I know if I was being reasonable there must be another reason, but due to the age of this game I can’t fathom another excuse. It’s 2023 guys, the tech is there and we have already established a lot of players play hunters! The amount of people that would be ecstatic with this change would be huge!

Please Blizzard, please enable this for us hunters!

I am 100% with you…
This is a feature i’ve been wanting to see for years, and I still don’t understand why it hasn’t been added a long time ago.

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