Im all for PVP but, cant remember Vanilla to be this bad?

So I’m one of the unfortunate souls to get left behind on the server and i have to say its pretty Bleeck. I log on to try and do some quests or whatever but get gank for 3 hours straight (from the flight point to the graveyard) im more dead then anything not really any fun, so what is the point of playing anymore. Please open up paid transfer so i can get out of here… :frowning:

Ps. To all the horde on the server much love but you guys would not like it if you had to play like this

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i feel bad for you, and hope you can find your place once they open up the transfers. on the other hand i never really had such experience, i do get killed from time to time yes, but its way better than before when u had to death run into every zone/instance.

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