Im jinxed in battleground blitz... wth is going on?

For 2 days now, I’ve been grouped with absolute morons. In silvershard mines, people capping carts when they spawn, then leaving them, just fighting in mid all game while the other team takes all the carts…

In eye of the storm, people camping bases that can’t be capped, just sitting there waiting for them to come active, then losing them when they do…

In arathi basin, people capping flags then running off, letting them get recapped before they are secure…

In wsg, people just fighting in mid, not even trying to grab flag.

In that orb bg… people not taking orbs, or not even trying to kill enemies that have orbs…

And healers who think they are dps. Or 4 dps ignoring all objectives just running after 1 healer, getting kited all game…

Or that healer that runs around solo, not doing his job.
The list goes on.

I mean some of this is expected from time to time, but I have been playing for 2 days now without a single win. Is it just insanely bad rng, or is there something else going on?

Im not the best player, ofc. But I try to do the objectives, and most games I have several kills and high dmg. And flags capped, orbs held, flags returned…

Please make this rated now, so I don’t have to deal with all the griefers anymore.

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That is not “griefing”. Some of the behaviours you’ve called as example here is just honor farming instead of playing objectives.

One could argue if they delay the enemy team from reaching objectives another player could cap and win which is an entirely valid play, except the latter part doesn’t happen because people are busy at the first part.

Sometimes it is just players not knowing what is happening and need some direction to do stuff.

Sure, fair points.

But why is it always my team thats doing this? One would assume this would affect both teams. It feels like being a 1k rated team in rbg going up against a 2,6k rated team.

Idk… maybe its just an insane run of bad rng, where Ive ended up in groups full of people that play with their left hand while… you get the point.

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A lot of them will be new and have no real idea of where or what they should be doing in a BG and all too often now they aren’t getting the chance to find out or learn, cos so many games are just one side being way too strong and co-ordinated for the other to fight back. All new players will see is a mass of people just fighting the full game in mid or on either side of the ‘being camped at a GY’ fence.

Not saying it’s the case, but it really does feel like the game is out to get you at times. When you have those days where every side you face is either a premade or just way better geared or just way more experienced. Sometimes feel like it’s an algorithm applied to force the weak against the strong cos I seem to face way more sides with these groups of geared mates playing together, than I do landing in those kinds of groups.

I actually came here to the forum as well just to investigate this :smiley:

To see if I can find anything on matchmake rules for the Brawl:Battleground Blitz because I realized that I was matchmade into loosing side quite literally 9 out of 10 games I play. & I have played well over a 100 of these by now.

Practically always in the loosing team, that get outhealed, outdamage. Not playing objectives. You name it.
I’ve considered if it’s due to my honor level(600+) but it seems it’s quite evenly spread across the teams. I play most classes as well, which I rotate quite evenly. So it’s not bound by that either. Might just be that I am very unlucky.
…or perhaps poor enough to drag my team down whit me. But at that level ^ I like to imagine I can carry my own. I hope :smiley:

I mean it isn’t the end of the world as I’m having quite fun in the blitz still.
But clearly it’s been odd enough for me to come look it up on the forum.

Realized after I posted I could actually pull out the stats of this from achievements:
DK 9/19
Mage 7/15
Lock 9/15
Priest 10/14
Rogue 9/14
Druid 12/18
Pala 8/15
Sham 12/24
War 10/16
Monk 14/23
Hunt 11/20

so, 111 wins out of 193 games. Way of in how I perceived it.
I guess the bad games just stung the more.

yeah, same situation for me, trying to gear my lock but it’s almost impossible, not only horde never wins normal bgs ( maybe 25% win rate), but in this brawl shuffle type, I get put in with absolute muppets, most are honor level 1-5, some just afk in base all game and if you call that out, mouthbreather people tell you to stop crying :)) Then ofc I get tiled and throw as well, because what’s the point of working as hard as 3 guys if the others are not even interested in winning.

I’ve noticed something similar but it isn’t exclusively for bg Blitz but also in epic bgs. I suspect it’s the new season attracting new pvp players or new players in general.

A few fun and good bgs happen occationally but most people have no intention in doing the objectives in Blitz they just want to pew-pew and do some random killing …it’s so clueless it’s getting boring, Most players seemingly have the mindset to get the most out of it with the least amount of effort, that’s normal bgs in wow. ”Let the others work for me, I get what I want anyways”.

I can only say, go with zero expectations and if you want teamplay find a guild and make a group you can pvp with.

I was in a bg in Wintergrasp, people didn’t build vehicles, not even after they were guided why it’s important countless times, players building siege engines when we’re defending. Noone is trying to take bases, but stays put in Sunken and eventuallly around 6 players afk there. Noone’s attacking towers…etc…etc. So you feel like you’re busting your a… off because others won’t put up an effort, the same way they are joining raids and dungeons not knowing what it’s about.

So what’s going on? Nothing is going on, over the years pvp has been the same- and always was – NOTHING has changed with people’s mindset.

I do however remember it was fun back in the days when AV lasted 8 hours but it’s such a long time ago that there’s nothing left but an echo.

I wish I could say to you it will get better, but it won’t. So those days when it’s really aggravating you, take a break from pvp. I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of algorithm making sure you will get your handful of victories, but if you play non stop for days you run into a cascade of bad battlegrounds.

Blitz is just another bg, with zero requirements so it attracts all sorts of players. Once Blizzard make it solo rated we will just have another addition to the amount of toxic dungeons and bgs already in the game. There’s nothing new under the horizon.

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